Frontend Developer

$4,000–$4,700 on B2B

We're looking for a Frontend Developer to join our Player Cockpit & Player LiveOps team at Elympics.

Due to the characteristics of our solutions, we are looking for a person who is quick to learn, and open to unconventional solutions. We choose tools for tasks, not the other way around! We value someone who is independent, proactive, and enjoys testing new technologies.

Your responsibilities include

  • Developing new interfaces from scratch.
  • Enhancing and maintaining existing frontend frameworks.
  • Engaging in product development and planning discussions.
  • Implementing and maintaining new features.
  • Crafting and executing superior front-end designs for optimal UI/UX.
  • Collaborating with teams and stakeholders to ensure project excellence.
  • Converting complex business requirements into technical architectures.
  • Upholding and advocating for best coding practices and standards.

Our Tech Stack at Elympics️

We're building an infrastructure aimed at hosting competitive multiplayer games, along with the necessary backend services.

Our backbone 🦴? .NET 6.0 microservices.

Elympics isn't just another set of tools. It's a comprehensive solution designed to assist you through every stage of your multiplayer game development.

This means

  • Efficient SDK → User-friendly yet powerful, enabling you to craft your multiplayer experience with ease.
  • One-Click Cloud Deployment → Get your game hosted swiftly with just a click.
  • Parallel Gameplay Hosting → Ensuring smooth gameplay experiences across the board.
  • Auto-Scaling Game Servers → Servers that adapt to your game’s needs, scaling seamlessly.
  • Backend Integration → Streamlined integration for player load-outs and score tracking.
  • Blockchain Features → Dive into on-chain gaming, linking your game with smart contracts for transparent and secure results.
  • Intelligent Matchmaking → A system that learns your game’s play style, optimizing player matchmaking.

Our Approach to Work

  • Clean Code →We believe in writing code that's not just functional but also clean and maintainable.
  • Code Reviews → Every line of code gets reviewed, ensuring quality and collaborative improvement.
  • Code Quality Metrics → We don't just write code; we measure its quality to continuously enhance it.
  • Static Code Analysis → Catching issues early with regular static code analysis.
  • Design Patterns → Implementing tried-and-tested design patterns for robust and scalable solutions.

We're Looking for Someone With

  • Over 4 years of experience in a Frontend role.
  • Proficiency in React and Responsive Web Design
  • Solid HTTP & REST protocols knowledge
  • Experience in Next.js or Remix
  • Command over HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS
  • Well-versed in Node.js, and TypeScript
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and effective communication skills.
  • Polish language at a level which allows contact with the team (B1/B2)
  • Ability to use technical English documentation effectively.

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity with Google Cloud and Kubernetes/Helm.
  • Experience in building decentralized applications (with blockchain as backend)
  • Experience in gaming, Web3, Crypto
  • Keen interest in and ability to quickly learn new technologies.

Wondering who you'll have the chance to chat with during the recruitment process?

  • If your resume catches our eye, expect a phone call from our HR team.
  • A meeting with Ula – Recruitment Specialist and Artur – Senior Frontend Developer.
  • Either an offer to join us or a phone call with feedback to thank you for participating in the recruitment process.

We're excited to chat, get to know you better, and explore the potential for our collaboration! 😊