Unity Game Developer

$2,500–$3,000 on B2B

Currently, we are looking for someone to strengthen our Internal Game Development team. We seek a passionate gamer who will not only enjoy playing but also love creating games, such as "The Clash of Orbs," and help us develop new, exciting projects. If you have a deep passion for gaming and creativity, we would love to have you on our team.

Your responsibilities

  • Creating multiplatform competitive multiplayer games in the Unity engine on the Elympics platform.
  • Documenting your work in the project wiki.
  • Code reviewing the work of other developers.
  • Collaborate closely with designers and artists to seamlessly integrate game mechanics, features, and visuals, unleashing your cooperative spirit.
  • Lead the development process, overseeing the technical architecture. 
  • Engage directly in coding, debugging, and solving problems creatively.
  • Identify and address technical risks, proposing solutions to adhere to project requirements and deadlines.

Our Tech Stack at Elympics️

Elympics is a competitive web3 gaming protocol designed to bring security, ease of use and sustainability to blockchain games. Our tech stack consists of server-authoritative multiplayer sdk, backend services for global game hosting, as well as automatic, out of the box blockchain integration with easy to understand smart contracts.

We use new versions of Unity to build sample games and tech showcases, as well as .NET microservices for Elympics Cloud.

This means

  • Efficient SDK → User-friendly yet powerful, enabling you to craft your multiplayer experience with ease.
  • One-Click Cloud Deployment → Get your game hosted swiftly with just a click.
  • Parallel Gameplay Hosting → Ensuring smooth gameplay experiences across the board.
  • Auto-Scaling Game Servers → Servers that adapt to your game’s needs, scaling seamlessly.
  • Backend Integration → Streamlined integration for player load-outs and score tracking.
  • Blockchain Features → Dive into on-chain gaming, linking your game with smart contracts for transparent and secure results.
  • Intelligent Matchmaking → A system that learns your game’s play style, optimizing player matchmaking.

Our Approach to Work

  • Clean Code →We believe in writing code that's not just functional but also clean and maintainable.
  • Code Reviews → Every line of code gets reviewed, ensuring quality and collaborative improvement.
  • Code Quality Metrics → We don't just write code; we measure its quality to continuously enhance it.
  • Static Code Analysis → Catching issues early with regular static code analysis.
  • Design Patterns → Implementing tried-and-tested design patterns for robust and scalable solutions.

We're Looking for Someone With

  • More than 3 years of experience in the Unity engine.
  • Proficiency in C# (knowledge of other languages is a plus).
  • Experience with integrating 3rd party plugins.
  • Experience with completed commercial projects in which you actively participated.
  • Experience in creating gameplay (game rules, scripts, physics, etc.).
  • Experience in developing multiplayer games.
  • Ability to create tools within Unity.
  • Skills in designing code architecture.
  • Understanding of design patterns and data structures.
  • Fluency in Polish (both spoken and written) and a good command of English.
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to create documentation for your code.
  • A knack for creating attractive gameplay.
  • Experience working with existing source code.
  • Strong understanding of OOP principles and design patterns.
  • Knowledge of game development architecture.
  • Proficiency in profiling, debugging, and optimization (CPU, GPU, memory, build size).
  • Capability to work on and create technical documentation.
  • Experience in developing and enhancing existing systems within the Unity engine.
  • Proven track record of effective collaboration with team members.
  • Ability to create new projects from the ground up.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and creativity in overcoming technical challenges.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for smooth collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Nice to Have

  • Experience in building reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Experience with other SDKs (e.g., Photon, Fusion, Coherence, Mirror, or Fish-net).
  • Experience with mobile platforms (and web platforms as an added advantage).
  • A profound passion for gaming, a user-centered design approach, and a focus on delivering exceptional player experiences.

Wondering who you'll have the chance to chat with during the recruitment process?

  • If your resume catches our eye, expect a phone call from our HR team.
  • If the call goes well, we will send you a recruitment task to further assess your fit for the role. Once we receive your completed task, we will evaluate it. If your submission meets our expectations, we will schedule an interview at our office to discuss it further.
  • The interview will be with Gosia – Head of People,  Krzysztof – Senior Unity Developer, and Maciej – Head of Internal Game Development.
  • Either an offer to join us or a phone call with feedback to thank you for participating in the recruitment proces

We're excited to chat, get to know you better, and explore the potential for our collaboration! 😊