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The complete set of tools to build, secure, deploy, and scale competitive games with ease. Secured by In-Game Oracle and Proof-of-Game technology.

Real-time Games,

External authority with independent arbiters, input signature system and with universal replays, governed by a global network of game servers.

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What is Elympics?

Skill Games Development Infrastructure
Secured by Proof-of-Game

Build, host, and monetize skill games like never before

Build an online skill game in weeks

With Elympics Multiplayer SDK, competitive game development accelerates at unprecedent speed.

Host gameplays with zero effort

Infrastructure auto-scaling, running on multiple data centers, complex configuration and dev ops? Not with Elympics.

Monetize in a smart new way

Tired with free-to-play? Monetize competitive games based on players engagement from day one.

Rediscover multiplayer game development

Building Blocks for the Entire Game Lifecycle

We bring together everything that's required to build and scale competitive games with no unnecessary complexity and without compromising on security. Elympics powers casual games with verified leaderboards, as well as multiplayer competitions with realtime rewards.

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Team PvP
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Single Player
security & fairness

State-of-the-Art Blockchain Security in Competitive Gaming

Elympics introduces a new standard of security & fairness using blockchain technology to bring transparency to competitive gameplays.


Trusted technology to generate verifiable game results stored on public blockchain.

In-Game Oracle

Trusted technology to generate verifiable game results stored on public blockchain.

Decentralized Network

Introducing distributed authority - competitive games hosted in a decentralized way.


Supercharge Multiplayer Gaming

Serverless gaming cloud

Deploy to a serverless, global gaming cloud, that automatically adjusts and provisions games based on traffic and player requirements. Never worry about sudden spikes in number of players, never pay for idle game servers.

One-click global deployment

Build and deliver your game to the cloud – directly from the game engine. Global game server fleets in Elympics Cloud will automatically provision and run the proper game build, connecting your players and synchronizing their game worlds in a secure, distributed environment.

Building without netcode

Build on the foundation of the most stable netcode with industry-standard, esports-ready technology. Spend your time focusing on what's important to you and your players – you game design and feel – instead of world sychronization details.

On-chain Proof-of-Game

Connecting off-chain games with on-chain progression and metadata with a standardized, verifiable solution: Proof Of Game. Elympics creates a Universal Replay for every gameplay hosted on Elympcis Cloud, and from that generates a lightweight Proof Of Game that is stored on-chain.

Monetize Paid Competition

Introduce your game and your players to monetization patterns like on-chain duels or realtime paid leaderboards.

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Join Elympics University, get trained and certified in competitive game development.

Free On-Line Course

During this course, you'll learn how to build competitive multiplayer games on Unity in justone day!


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