Serverless Gameplay Hosting

New Level of Integrity

Seamlessly build and deploy competitive games to a scalable, decentralized Elympics cloud


Efficient Multiplayer Experience

The success of multiplayer games relies heavily on the quality of the infrastructure, which directly impacts the gameplay experience for players.

By embracing serverless gameplay hosting, developers can achieve a new level of integrity and efficiency when designing multiplayer games. This approach utilizes high-quality infrastructure to ensure players have the best possible gaming experience. No need to think about networking, server provisioning and resources allocation. Creating great gameplay is difficult enough – and that’s where your focus should lie.

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Simplified Development

Directing Efforts to Game Design

Reduce complexity and let your team focus on what truly matters - engaging gameplay

Serverless hosting empowers game developers to concentrate on creating engaging experiences without the complexities of managing servers. This innovative approach allows for scalability and flexibility, automatically allocating resources based on demand. As a result, games can accommodate a large number of players without compromising on performance.

Integrating serverless gameplay hosting with blockchain technology enables a seamless and immersive experience for players, ensuring both a trustless and secure environment.
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No dev-ops engineer required

Use a serverless cloud and manage on a gameplay-level instead of server-level.

1. Upload the game build

Build an upload server version of your gameplay scene and code to a serverless cloud. This is the build that will be run in a secure environment.

2. Distribute client build

Deliver your client builds to your players – the way you’re used to. Use mobile, desktop, or even browser. Or test directly from the editor.

3. Monitor usage

See how a serverless cloud allocates a contenerized application with per-gameplay resources that are provisioned near your players for optimal latency.


Security of the Gaming Environment

While focusing on designing multiplayer games with aligned incentives is crucial for attracting new players, ensuring security and fairness is key to retaining a high player base

Developers who are not fluent in implementing high-quality practices in relation to network infrastructure often struggle with creating secure environments for players. With serverless gameplay hosting, these concerns are addressed.

The infrastructure provided by Elympics incorporates advanced mechanisms such as In-Game Oracles, Verifiable Replays, and the Proof of Game creation, allowing a comprehensive review of players' inputs from completed competitions.

Additionally, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, coupled with the serverless hosting design, ensures that no single entity can manipulate gameplay or gain an unfair advantage over other players. Learn more

Value proposition

New Paradigm of Game Design

Where game development teams can focus on gameplay, with networking and fairness ensured by cryptography and technology

Elympics empowers small studios and indie developers by providing them with a set of pre-made tools that simplify the game design process. With the help of software development kits (SDKs), In-Game Oracles, and other pre-built solutions, artists and designers can leverage their creativity to create unique multiplayer competition environments.

Capitalizing on the nature of serverless hosting and its built-in security mechanisms, game developers with non-technical backgrounds can usher in a new paradigm of competitive multiplayer gaming.

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