Proof of Game

Ensuring Trustless Outcome

Imagine you don’t have to trust other players, nor the hosts, nor the developers in order to play competitively.


Proof of Game

Cryptographic evidence of gameplay outcome permanently stored on the blockchain

The trustless nature of multiplayer competition envisioned by Elympics comes to life through the utilization of blockchain technology. This enables the implementation of solutions that maximize security, such as the creation of on-chain Proof of Game.

By harnessing the blockchain technology stack, developers can provide the immutability of players' inputs, bolstered by robust anti-cheating mechanisms. Furthermore, they can introduce an external arbiter that validates the fairness of the competition in real-time.

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Securing Game Environment

Designing competitions where players are incentivized to take risks in pursuit of rewards is no simple task. Creating an unfair advantage over others is a common practice which in turn effectively discourages players from putting their resources, like money, at stake. To address this issue, Elympics has implemented various security measures to ensure a fair game environment.

In addition to implementing a Server-Authority design with In-Game Oracle that prevents players from maliciously altering their inputs or manipulate state, developers have the ability to generate publicly available Proof of Game. This enables the resolution of disputes by verifying the irrefutable source of truth stored on the blockchain.

With these safeguards in place, players can trust their gameplay experience is secure and the outcomes are based solely on skill and strategy rather than unfairly gained advantages.

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time rewinding

Verifiable Replays - Democratizing the Truth

Key element in establishing a trustless environment for multiplayer competition is the availability of a public Verifiable Replays system. This system allows everyone to verify the credibility of the gameplay, eliminating doubts or disputes about the fairness of the game. This fosters a trusted and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants.

Furthermore, the ability to access and analyze verifiable replays provides a valuable learning tool for players. They can study their own gameplay, as well as the strategies and tactics used by successful competitors in order to enhance their skills and level up their game mastery.

New monetization models

Unleashing the Potential

The implementation of security measures, such as the Server-Authority design and the generation of publicly available Proof of Game, further guarantees a fair game environment. As a result, players are incentivized to take full advantage of Paid Competitive Gaming design, therefore creating a network effect that attracts more players to join the game.

An additional feature provided by the Verifiable Replays is the immense potential to compile key moments of Tournaments or Duels into highlight reels, allowing players to showcase their skills and achievements. This not only adds to the excitement and competitiveness of the game but also promotes the game itself, maximizing revenue for the developers.

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