Simulation Analyzer

The new standard of debugging online games

Pause an online simulation at any moment. See the entire history of a gameplay, applied inputs, calculated and synchronized state.


Versatile debugging and optimization

Pause Simulation

Pause the entire simulation and synchronization on the authority side.

Browse ticks

See previous tick states from the entire gameplay.

List inputs

View exactly how your game reacts to different lag conditions with missed and delivered inputs.

Apply previous state

Apply a past state from a snapshot and view it directly on the scene in Unity.

Ensure Snapshot Idempotence

Apply a snapshot several times to ensure your scene’s idempotence.

Check determinism

Ensure your game is deterministic by re-running the exact same simulation several times.

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Trusted by Game Dev Community

This amazing tool saved hours of our time. Being able to see the whole state of the game is an invaluable weapon in the time of debugging.


Unity Developer

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