Players’ Skill Profiles

Creating Digital Profiles Based on Players’ Skillset

Enabling players to build digital reputation based on the match history.


Shaping Digital Identity

Every victory builds not only confidence but also one's reputation. However, it cannot be accomplished if the victory cannot be easily showcased. This is the struggle for many players who enjoy competitive games that do not provide them with the tools necessary to showcase their skill. This is where Elympics comes into play by enabling players to build and create their Digital Identity based on their reputation, match history, skill set, and much more.

Bold numbers

Elympics in Numbers

The ideal case for leveraging Elympics is creating personalized games for events, where hosts can use the game to enhance engagement and provide participants with a thematic source of entertainment.

The example showcasing the power of Elympics is the game "Next Block Run" created for the NBX Warsaw event. This collaboration successfully demonstrated the potential of personalized games in enhancing participant engagement and creating a captivating experience.
"Next Block Run'' captivated participants by offering them the chance to compete for enticing real-world prizes. From Jäger shots to winning tickets for the next event in Berlin, the game provided an interactive and immersive platform for participants to showcase their skills and strive for victory. The pinnacle of excitement came in the form of the grand prize, a hardware crypto wallet and a VIP ticket for the highly anticipated Berlin event, which elevated the stakes and heightened the competitive spirit among players.
The impact of "Next Block Run" was truly impressive, as demonstrated by the numbers. The game attracted a significant number of participants, resulting in a surge of enthusiasm and engagement. The seamless integration of Elympics' solutions enabled the smooth execution of the game, ensuring fairness, security, and an exhilarating gaming experience for all involved.

Now, let's delve into the numbers and examine how "Next Block Run" ignited the competitive spirit among participants, fostering a thrilling gaming atmosphere.

Total Games played
Unique players
Total number of sessions
Time spent playing

These impressive numbers highlight the success of "Next Block Run" as a thrilling and engaging gaming experience. Through the integration of Elympics' solutions, the event organizers were able to create a personalized game that not only entertained but also incentivized participants with real-world prizes. It's a testament to the power of gamification and the impact it can have on events and engagements.
Another notable example showcasing the capabilities of Elympics is the game WinMe, which was developed using the Elympics platform. The studio chose to build their game based on the popular title Flappy Bird, enhancing it with the inclusion of a public Leaderboard mechanic. This strategic decision created a competitive environment where players were motivated to showcase their skills and climb up the leaderboard.
Upon its release, WinMe garnered a significant player base, with over one thousand downloads on the App Store alone. The creators of WinMe successfully captured the attention of players, as top scores were rewarded with enticing real-world prizes such as sneakers, hoodies, and T-shirts.
The integration of Elympics into the development of WinMe not only enhanced player engagement and competition, but also facilitated the seamless implementation of monetization and reward systems. It exemplifies the potential of Elympics in creating captivating games that resonate with players and drive success for both developers and participants.

The Future of Single Player Games with Leaderboards

The gaming industry is in a constant quest for new ways to attract players and monetize their products. While early blockchain-based titles often leaned towards a Pay-to-Win model with the addition of grinding disguised under the Play-to-Earn label, a new era of blockchain gaming is emerging.
By leveraging blockchain technology, games can offer seamless and fair gameplay, with every piece of data securely stored on a public blockchain. The introduction of public leaderboards, where players from all over the world compete for real-world prizes, represents the natural progression of blockchain gaming. The security and fairness of these competitions are ensured by blockchain-based solutions such as Smart Contracts and In-Game Oracles. Moreover, the gameplay experience is further safeguarded by the Server-Authority design, preventing players from tampering with their inputs on the client side.
The growth of the on-chain gaming sector will become a significant branch of the wider gaming industry. Elympics is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between these two worlds, leveraging their expertise and providing the necessary infrastructure and support for developers and studios seeking to enter the future of competitive gaming.
With Elympics, developers can tap into the potential of blockchain technology, creating immersive and engaging games that combine the benefits of on-chain security and fairness with the thrill of competitive gameplay.
The future of gaming is here, and Elympics is at the forefront, empowering developers to shape the next generation of gaming experiences.

Player’s Profile

Creating Individual Profiles

The first step to a meaningful competition

The core concept in both high-level traditional sports and top-level esports is competing against an opponent you know. This is the element that is often missing in most competitive games, making every opponent seem bland and short-lived. Elympics is well aware of how crucial it is to make every opponent seem authentic and every competition very individual—playing against someone you can easily verify and see who they are. All of this can be done within the realm of a given title or a single wallet account players can then use to engage in various cross-chain games, making on-chain gaming resemble the cross-platform approach we often see in modern games. The creation of individual profiles adds another layer to the meaningful competition every player strives for.


Showcasing the Mastery

Soulbound NFTs as Trophy galleries

People love to showcase their trophies, and the more difficult they are to obtain, the higher value they hold. That's why building digital profiles cannot be fully embraced without a visual aspect of highlighting the most precious achievements stored in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or their iteration - Soulbound NFTs, which are tied to one particular account and cannot be transferred or sold. This way, players can not only create their gallery of trophies that everyone can admire but also add value to the trophies themselves thanks to the NFT technology. Now, every glorious victory or another form of expressing skill mastery will not be forgotten but depicted and stored forever.

Skillset Based Graphs

Visual Representation of the Skillset

Introduce visual graphs of every player

Measuring players' skill is not an easy task, as there are a number of factors taken into account based on a given game. That's why creating visual representations of one's skillset provides a huge insight into the opponent's playstyle, making the match even more exciting. On the other hand, players will strive to make their visual charts look better over time, leading to additional incentive to master the game and improve their statistics.

On-chain Reputation

The Most Valuable Asset - Digital Reputation

Empowering players to climb the social ladder

The inception of the Internet kicked off the era in which our digital identity began to matter, and in recent years, the trend has only accelerated. Digital identity and reputation tied to a given individual are of the highest importance, as they affect every aspect of one’s digital life - from playing games to accessing various applications. Elympics addresses this key concept by allowing players to start building their reputation and begin to see competitive gaming as a way to effectively climb the social ladder of the digital world. This way, Elympics will become the hub for new players who would love to kick off their on-chain gaming journey and the place they come back to in order to improve their social status.

Empowering Players

The Evolution of Digital Identity

Players who seek to build their digital reputation on-chain and beyond have finally been addressed with the possibilities provided by Elympics. The future of the on-chain reputation system will become the core concept in multiple areas tied to blockchain technology, and gaming is a perfect way to build a highly reputable identity.


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