In-game Chat

Drive engagement to the next level

Ready to implement in-game chat fosters real-time communication within the game environment driving the competitive spirit to the next level.


Let players socialize within your game

Comprehensive set of in-game communication features designed to enhance the gaming experience for your players.

Message encryption

Encrypted messages grant players the highest level of security and privacy.

Configurable group chats

Chat in game lobby, private room or between teammates – full optionality for the developer.

Versatile placement

Allow players to chat in game lobby and during the match by versatile chat placement.

Hate-free game chats

Auto-moderation safeguards user comfort and security. Advanced algorithms identify and filter offensive content.

Community-driven safety

Users can now mute, block, and report other players to ensure safe and pleasant environment for everyone.

Invitations and challenges

Invite friends to play together with a simple URL or room code.

Friends list

Allow players to search for their friends and create closed group-chats within their circle.

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