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August 10, 2023

Arcade 2.0 – Retro Gaming Reimagined

Introducing Prize Pools


Thinking of arcade machines brings nostalgia to all gamers' hearts, as the golden days of arcade gaming are a song of the past. Except, the popularity of arcade gaming was not a mere coincidence; it introduced something people longed for.

For many teenagers, arcade machines became the source of priceless entertainment and for those striving for competition -  a gladiator's den.

Although the only benefit players could get was glory and fame within their circle of friends, the popularity of arcade gaming, with its paid sessions, speaks for itself.

What if we have found a way to implement arcade mechanics in a new way where the best players can monetize their skills?

Revisiting Arcade Gaming - Arcade 2.0

One of the key elements in arcade gaming was the concept of paid sessions, where users had to insert a coin to try their skills in the game. This way, commitment to the given title and devotion in reaching the top of the leaderboard required putting money at stake.

While this was a great business idea for producers of arcade machines, it was not as rewarding for players.

However, Elympics is focused on implementing a new paradigm for creating and playing games in which players are in the spotlight.

Revisiting the mechanics of old-school arcade games allowed us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the approach, leading to the creation of a new paradigm - Prize Pools created by players.

Template Run - Arcade 2.0 in Action

Arcade-style games like Template Run would be a perfect example to show how revised mechanics can on one hand incentivize players by introducing rewards, and on the other developers by monetizing their craft.

Template Run is a game we have opensourced, making it available to every developer willing to try their skills in creating customizable games. Let’s see how we can introduce Arcade 2.0 with the use of Template Run.

Template Run on the App Store and Google Play.

Developers can fully focus on creating an enticing game from the very beginning as Elympics provides all the necessary tools. Whether those are ready-made SDKs, blockchain infrastructure, server hosting and maintenance, or monetization mechanics; everything is provided by Elympics from day one. As a result, the process of creating game based on Template Run is simplified.

Learn more.

This way, the path is clear for developers to focus solely on designing the game environment that would attract players and keep them engaged in the game. Both the number of active players and their engagement are crucial from the developer's perspective, as it affects the value of created Prize Pools, a percentage of which goes to the developer after the game has concluded.

But how and why are Prize Pools created in the first place?

The concept of paid sessions on arcade machines was beneficial only to the producers of said machines. Elympics shifted the beneficiary position from the producers to the players and developers, and as a result established a new set of incentives.

Taking the previously mentioned Template Run, we are presented with an arcade-style game in which players can compete to reach the top of the leaderboard. However, this is where the paradigm shifts.

To start a session, players have to "insert a coin" by transferring $1 from their wallet to the Prize Pool every time they decide to enter a new session. This way, the Prize Pool grows along with the player's engagement, igniting the spirit of competition. This shift results not only in satisfaction from reaching the top but also in being rewarded with winning the stake from the Prize Pool.

With tools provided by Elympics, almost every aspect of the gameplay is highly customizable, like the entry fee or conditions of the Prize Pool distribution.

By introducing a new paradigm to competitive gaming, Elympics creates ways to monetize the game mastery and skillset of players who are willing to put their resources at stake. The consequence of this approach is that the prospect of monetizing players' skills is heavily linked with the overall popularity of the game, creating a natural incentive to grow the network effect.

This way, the success of the game and the active player base is of paramount importance to the developer, as it would lead to increased long-term profitability via a share of the Prize Pool.

The success of the game is the success of its creator.

Creating the Future of Competition

Today's world of competitive gaming often democratizes access to the gameplay, especially in the world of esports. However, monetization of the craft is often limited to the world's best players.

The introduction of shared Prize Pools is the new paradigm of competitive gaming in which everyone has a fair chance to monetize their skills and effort on various stages of game mastery.

The future of competitive gaming is highly correlated with incentives that benefit players, leading to growth of the network effect and active user base. The next set of successful games will be created by focusing on rewarding the player, placing Elympics at the forefront of the evolution.

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