August 10, 2022

Unity 2D tutorial: integrating Elympics package

How to migrate a local multiplayer game into an online gameplay using Elympics? Here’s the 1st Unity 2D tutorial for the classic pong game!

Whenever you start working with a new tool, you need to learn it first, and Elympics is no exception. Going through documentation may be time-consuming, so we prepared a series of easily-digestible Unity 2D tutorials that will show you how to implement it into your game. ⚙️

In this three-part Unity 2D tutorial series, you’ll be migrating a local, hot-seat multiplayer game to an online gameplay. Elympics will also make it fully server-authoritative, deterministic and fair. 

We’ll do it on the example of the pong, one of the first computer games ever created. Our local multiplayer game consists of the basic functionalities necessary for a pong match:

  • moving pads (player 1: arrow keys, player 2: W / S keys) 🚶
  • ball bouncing 🎾
  • score counting 💯
  • match control (win / lose conditions) 🥇

This is just a sneak peek of our Unity 2D pong tutorial. To learn how to integrate the Elympics package in your game, read the full text in our documentation:

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