August 24, 2022

Unity 2D tutorial: synchronizing custom variables and match state

In the last part of our Unity 2D tutorial series, you'll be building a fully synchronized point scoring system. Ready to dive in?

Welcome to the last part of our series of Unity 2D tutorials teaching you how to migrate a hot-seat multiplayer game online. We’re doing this on the example of the pong 🏓 one of the first video games ever created. Thanks to Elympics, your game will be fully deterministics, server-authoritative and fair, which means that one tools solves all the major multiplayer issues. ✨

You’ve already integrated the Elympics package and taken care of inputs and state synchronization. In this part, you’ll be building a fully synchronized point scoring system, an element necessary for any match-based game. Ready to dive in?

This is just a sneak peek of this Unity 2D tutorial. The full text is available in our documentation:

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