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April 26, 2024

Building The Web 3 World with Telegram

Let's uncover why Elympics and Telegram are a perfect match for Web3 Gaming

Imagine a world where your digital social life and its gamified aspects are seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge blockchain technology. This isn't just a fantasy; it's becoming reality thanks to Telegram's TON blockchain, which is quickly making waves in the web3 universe. With over 900 million users globally, the potential for transformative digital experiences is immense, and the web3 community is beginning to realize its true potential. However, Telegram is not alone in this journey. At the forefront of the web3 gaming revolution is Elympics, gearing up to join forces and lead the charge in the gaming aspect on the TON platform.

Why Elympics and TON are a Perfect Match

Elympics isn't just joining the TON ecosystem; its goal is to redefine what web3 gaming is today, and what it can be if enough effort is put into work. As Telegram prepares to welcome its billionth user, Elympics is setting up to be the backbone of web3 gaming on the expansive social network that Telegram has created. Imagine having the power of TON's blockchain to support users and the overall development of immersive, engaging games that are just a click away for everyone on the Telegram app that is used daily. Imagine a social app where you are chatting with your friends and seamlessly switch to playing a quick session of your favorite hyper-casual game where you can not only climb the leaderboard but also win real money and have it sent straight to your digital wallet. Moreover, not only will users be incentivized to play web3 games, but developers will also gain both recognition and financial rewards from building the best games in the ecosystem. It’s a win-win for everyone, and that's what the future Elympics is working towards, making it an exciting space for gamers, developers, and tech enthusiasts alike.

Tether, Durov, and Stickers

Telegram has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a straightforward messaging app into a dynamic ecosystem brimming with incentives that are only getting more attractive. However, this shift isn't just about adding new features or incentives; it's about understanding and harnessing the concept of the attention economy that drives the world of social media, and especially the world of web3 where TON aims to make waves by creating an environment where almost every interaction is met with a reward. After years of being a leading messaging platform, Telegram is finally creating the ecosystem where users are compelled to engage deeper, stay longer, and contribute more, positioning TON at the forefront of the most promising blockchain ecosystems.

The recent integration of Tether, resulting in the introduction of the USDT stablecoin on the TON blockchain, is a total game-changer, making transactions smoother and more accessible for everyone involved. Now, you will be able to exchange funds seamlessly from the same chat tab, which is an improvement few truly comprehend. This means not only buying in-game items, trading assets, or just managing your finances within the ecosystem is easier than ever, but also creating the foundation for the entire blockchain ecosystem thriving with incentives, projects, and games!

Aside from web3 games and gamified experiences like Notcoin, Telegram also creates new forms of user incentives to walk them through the paths of web3 by tokenizing sticker packs and giving 95% of the revenue to the creators. This move singlehandedly shows how highly Telegram values its content creators and how well it understands that the ecosystem can truly shine if the community has incentives to create it.

On top of all this, there is something that is not just about technology. Pavel Durov, Telegram’s co-founder, has come back into the spotlight after almost eight years of not being very active publicly, adding more than a personal touch to TON's blockchain push. Pavel Durov decided to speak on stage during the recent Dubai Token 2049 event and give an exclusive, hour-long interview. His presence has fueled the excitement around Telegram’s potential as a new ecosystem in the world of web3, reminding everyone of the platform's presence and potential.

More Than Just Games

Where is Elympics in all of this? With Elympics, Telegram is shifting from not just being house to any web3 games but introducing competitive games with real money rewards where more than 900 million users can explore and engage in competitive web3 games - all built with Elympics. From "Learn and Earn" campaigns that introduce users to the games on TON ecosystem rewarding them for their exploration, to potentially rewarding gamers with airdrops for participating in the community and climbing the leaderboards, the opportunities are vast.

Imagine logging into Telegram and jumping straight into a mini-game battle, or participating in a global tournament where the prizes are more than rewarding, all from your smartphone. Elympics is turning these ideas into reality, making the TON blockchain an exciting playground for digital adventurers.

What's Next for Elympics and TON?

As Elympics continues to integrate with the TON blockchain, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's expanding their gaming catalog, enhancing user interaction, or exploring new forms of digital rewards, Elympics is poised to be a major player in shaping how we experience games and digital content on blockchain platforms.


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