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February 2, 2024

Clash of Orbs - The Embodiment of Compete-to-Earn

Let's embrace the ultimate model of web3 gaming

In our previous blog posts, we've explored the core principles that guide the Elympics team into the ever-evolving landscape of 2024 web3 gaming and beyond. These principles haven’t been just philosophies on paper we speak highly of, on the contrary, these principles have been the driving forces behind everything we’ve achieved in 2023 -  the year that turned out to be very transformative for web3 gaming in many ways, but there was one theme that stood out the most.

Web3 gaming has undergone a major cleanse where projects that did not pass the test of quality and resilience had to make room for new contenders. As we know it today, web3 gaming in its previous iterations has been struggling with the challenge of finding a core mechanism that transcends the limitations and misalignments of both pay-to-win and play-to-earn models, which have proven to be less than ideal - euphemistically speaking. That is the very reason we are driven to revolutionize the very fabric of web3 gaming with what we are building… with the distilled essence of competition.

Enter Clash of Orbs, the epitome of the Compete-to-Earn design and the first game to redefine the rules according to which the new era of web3 gaming is being created.

Compete-to-Earn in a Nutshell

What is Compete-to-Earn you may ask… why should I care about the next model if all the previous ones failed?

Compete-to-Earn, at its very core, is different from any other web3 gaming design that has been used to this day because it follows the best esports practices, introducing zero-sum gameplay model where there is no place for any paid advantages. Let’s explore this on a bit deeper level.

1. Skill-Centric Design

At its core, the Compete-to-Earn model found in Clash of Orbs shifts the focus from the player's financial power to his game mastery. The game's structure relies on skill-based competition, where success is solely determined by the player's abilities rather than his monetary investments whether by purchasing in-game assets or other forms of financially obtained advantage. This eradicates any possibility of gaining an unfair advantage through payments or in-game purchases making the game environment fair and free from any malicious and mercenary inflows of capital.

2. Diversity of Backgrounds

One of the distinctive features of the Compete-to-Earn model is its inclusivity. Unlike pay-to-win models that cater to those with substantial financial resources, Clash of Orbs welcomes a diverse player base, including crypto degens, web3 enjoyers, and traditional gamers alike. This approach fosters a community where players, regardless of their background, can engage in fair competition, testing their skills in an environment free from financial disparities. This has never been the case in web3 gaming - until now!

3. Zero-Sum Gaming Alignment

Compete-to-Earn, by design, adheres to the principles of zero-sum gaming. Players are required to put their funds at stake, creating a competitive arena where the victory - and therefore financial gain, is a direct result of triumphing over opponents in a fair match held in a secure environment. This not only ensures a transparent and equitable gaming experience but also shields the platform from the speculative fluctuations often witnessed in play-to-earn game environments. In a zero-sum game model there is simply no way that any amount of capital can influence the course of a game and its final result.

Player-Centric Benefits 

Having discussed the Compete-to-Earn model, let’s now focus on the playerbase and see what’s in it for them. What can players expect from Clash of Orbs that cannot be found anywhere else in the web3 gaming world?

1. Fairness above Anything Else

For players, the attractiveness of Clash of Orbs lies in its commitment to fairness of the gameplay. Engaging in the game means entering a space where victory is earned through mastery, not monetary power. This unique proposition creates a win-win scenario for players who can not only enjoy the thrill of competition but also receive tangible rewards for their skills. It's like putting money on the line in a friendly game of chess or in your favorite esport title, where final rewards are not created out of thin air, but are transferred straight to the winners wallet from the wallet of his counterparty.

2. Secure Environment

The secure gaming environment provided by Elympics in Clash of Orbs allows players to compete with both trusted friends and new acquaintances without worrying about having our funds stolen. This mirrors the experience of playing with friends we trust, where bets are placed and at the end the winner takes all. Here, however, players don’t have to trust each other, but with the help of blockchain technology and a wide array of tools and solutions crafted by Elympics, players can enjoy their game in a secure and transparent environment. This boosts game inclusivity and adds to the growth of the social aspect of gaming, making it an engaging experience for players of all backgrounds.

What Sets Clash of Orbs Apart

Coming to the end of today’s article, let’s look at Clash of Orbs and see what it can offer, what sets this game apart from everything that has already been tried in web3 gaming, and… why Clash of Orbs can hit the bullseye in terms of rewarding gameplay?

1. Compete-to-Earn Design Reinforcement

Clash of Orbs is not just a game; it's a paradigm shift in the web3 gaming space. By introducing Compete-to-Earn design it takes a bold decision to step into the known unknowns and implement best gaming practices in the web3 world. That is why Clash of Orbs is going to be the first widely available web3 game that prioritizes skill and game mastery while at the same time eradicating any form of financial interference within the game economy. It may sound cliche at first, but if you think about the previous web3 games, can you think of any title where you couldn’t boost your progress with financial inputs? Mhmm… you can think as much as you like but you won’t find any title that couldn't have been influenced this way either directly or indirectly.

2. Accessibility for All

In stark contrast to its predecessors, Clash of Orbs prioritizes accessibility. Players can enjoy the game with friends without having to place any funds prior, mirroring the experience of traditional web2 games. This means you don’t have to step into the unknown world of blockchain technology to experience Clash of Orbs and have fun with your friends. Once again we have a situation where for the first time web3 offers such an experience.

However, for those seeking a more intense experience, i.e. if you seek competition where you put at stake not only your reputation but also your funds - Clash of Orbs offers this as well. The seamless integration of digital wallets ensures a user-friendly experience, making it easy for both seasoned players and newcomers to navigate the game environment. This way, even if you’re not familiar with web3 or blockchain, playing Clash of Orbs with money at stake will feel like any other web2 game you have played before.

3. Unleashing Esports Potential

The question that needs the answer is why Clash of Orbs stands a chance to reach the esports level of competition while previous web3 games couldn’t even come close to it? First and foremost, Clash of Orbs strictly follows the idea that the only way to reach the advantage is via skill. Building a game where financial input has no influence whatsoever is the core rule of the esports world - and Clash of Orbs is the first web3 game that can reach esports heights. Another reason is all the infrastructure we’ve built to ensure players with quality experience resembling the one from the best multiplayer games of the web2 world. 

4. Simple Rules, Infinite Mastery

Building on the idea that reaching an esport level of competition is possible, Clash of Orbs follows the ethos of "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master," a principle observed in every globally acclaimed games like chess, football, and various esports titles. The game's simplicity in rules makes it accessible to all, while keeping its potential for mastery simply limitless. In other words, it is extremely easy to learn the basic rules that allow you to play the game, however, to be good at it you need hours of training. It’s like the game of chess or football, where there is no limit to what one can do and levels one can reach.

Exploring the Revolution: Clash of Orbs in Action

In conclusion, Clash of Orbs stands as a trailblazer in the web3 gaming space, welcoming players to the new era of fair competition and skill-centric gameplay. By aligning with the Compete-to-Earn model, it sets itself apart from the failed experiments based on pay-to-win and play-to-earn models, at the same time offering players an immersive experience where skill is not only valued but rewarded - handsomely rewarded if you’re good enough.

As the gaming and crypto community eagerly anticipates the future of web3 gaming, Clash of Orbs stands as a beacon, showcasing the limitless potential of Compete-to-Earn design. It's not just a game; it's a revolution waiting to be explored, experienced, and mastered.

To truly grasp the revolution in web3 gaming, players are encouraged to explore Clash of Orbs through the official website by clicking here - link link. And if you’d like to learn more on Clash of Orbs and see it in action, visit our YouTube channel

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