January 25, 2023

A complete guide to making FPS games in Unity

Creating a multiplayer shooter is not easy unless you have the right tools. Here’s how to make an FPS game in Unity using Elympics.

Players love first-person shooters. According to SteamDB stats, Counter-Strike, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Apex Legends and Call of Duty have been leading Steam rankings for years, gathering thousands of players regardless of their release date. No wonder that esports relies heavily on this genre.

Game developers may feel the temptation to take advantage of this trend. However, making an FPS is not easy, especially if it’s a multiplayer game. 

Luckily, Unity and Elympics come to the rescue. 💪

Elympics tutorial: making an FPS game in Unity

We prepared a Unity tutorial that will help you make a simple FPS game for 2 players. Thanks to it, you’ll learn how to implement the core FPS components incl. movement mechanics, raycast and projectile weapons, player’s HP system and much more.

We divided our tutorial into 13 chapters. Once you go through all of them, you’ll be able to create a complete gameplay from the start to the end of the match. All of that fully deterministic and server-authoritative! 💯

Here’s the complete list of chapters:

Chapter 1: Getting started

Chapter 2: Player movement

Chapter 3: Player's camera

Chapter 4: Loadout controller and Weapon abstract class

Chapter 5: Projectile Weapon

Chapter 6: Dealing damage

Chapter 7: Raycast gun

Chapter 8: Player’s respawn

Chapter 9: Health bar

Chapter 10: Players’ scores

Chapter 11: Start and end of the match

Chapter 12: Start screen, Summary screen

Chapter 13: Animation synchronization

Good luck with your FPS! 🔫

A complete guide to making FPS games in Unity by Elympics

PS don’t forget to check out other Elympics tutorials on our blog.  

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