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August 3, 2022

Free Unity FPS template by Elympics

Use our open-source Unity FPS template to avoid writing long lines of re-usable shooter game code.

Shooters are one of the most popular game genres, especially in the multiplayer category. Suffice to say, CS:GO has been leading Steam rankings for years. That’s the reason why so many AAA games fall into this category. Especially those built in the FPS model that is most engaging for players.

As lucrative as it is, building an FPS from scratch takes time. Hundreds of manhours get wasted on writing repetitive code for basic mechanics such as jumping, shooting or respawning, which leaves little time for designing fun and engaging gameplay.

In fact, such code is reusable for all shooters, so there’s no need to write it for each project separately. That’s why we created our open-source Unity FPS template. 🎉

Unity FPS template for game developers | Elympics Blog

What is the free FPS template by Elympics

Our GitHub repository contains a free Unity FPS template meant for all Unity game developers that want to build their first multiplayer shooter. You can use it as a basis for your project and add your own components on top of it. Thanks to that, you’ll avoid writing the most basic, reusable code – a task that kills the entire fun of creating a game – and you’ll be able to focus on designing engaging gameplay.

It’s also a good way to test our game engine in practice. When you learn a new tool, you usually have a lot of questions, and it’s difficult to quickly assess if it’s the right stack for your project. Our template is integrated with Elympics and uses several tricks specific to it, so you’ll be able to check Elympic’s capabilities and compare it with other tools seamlessly.

If you’re new to Elympics and want to learn it, creating your game on top of our template is a nice alternative to reading documentation. You may open the template in Unity and start building on it or launch its playable version in your browser.

Unity FPS template by Elympics: features

Our Unity FPS template allows you to build multiplayer games for 2-4 players. While we designed it with shooters in mind, its mechanics are universal for all multiplayer genres, so you can use it for racers, RPGs and other games likewise.

Below you’ll see the most important features implemented in our template. We chose the mechanics that are both common for all games and diversified when it comes to code and implementation.

  • Character movement 🚶
  • Jumping 🤸‍♀️
  • Projectile weapon 🔫
  • Raycast weapon 🔦
  • Weapon switching ♼
  • Damage dealing 💥
  • Player HP system ❤️‍🩹
  • Player respawn 💆
  • Match phase synchronization 🔂
  • Basic HUD 🖥
  • Kill cam 🎥
  • Character animation synchronization 🏃
  • Killing 💀

But don't take our word for it – check out the video below to see what they look like in practice!

How to launch free Unity FPS template by Elympics

To access the source code of our Unity FPS template, go to our GitHub repository and follow the instructions listed in Readme. If you want to play it first, visit our demo website.

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