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March 28, 2023

Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023

Elympics event coverage

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is a highly acclaimed professional event for the gaming industry, aimed at promoting game developers and the advancement of their craft. The conference recently took place in San Francisco, drawing in numerous creative and entrepreneurial minds. Through attending the event, Elympics was able to gather valuable insights from the five intensive days at GDC.

Web3 Gaming at GDC

One of the most notable takeaways was the high visibility of web3 gaming, with a plethora of web3 side events, sponsors, meetups, panels, and keynotes. This development is particularly heartening, considering that in recent years, web3 has been largely ignored by "traditional" game developers. Additionally, there was a growing awareness of game security, with many discussions focused around its importance as a core component of multiplayer web3 games. We discussed the subject more here.

Developers' concerns about building multiplayers

Another observation was that the vast majority of game developers find multiplayer game building to be extremely complex, to the point that many of them have not attempted it yet. Elympics' value proposition seemed to resonate well with this. Comprehensive infrastructure for building multiplayer games seems to be the response to many developers' concerns with building multiplayer games.

Game developers supporting tools

As the gaming market continues to grow, game development is becoming easier due to the increasing number of infrastructure projects and tools. However, most of these tools are add-ons to existing games, and there are few tools that actually aid in the building of the game itself. In-game wallets and identity providers are a highly competitive sector, but there are not so many tools that actually help to build the game itself.

Gaming projects financing

Regarding financing for gaming projects, a significant presence of venture capitalists (VCs) was observed throughout the GDC. Notably, a considerable number of VCs expressed interest in investing in gaming infrastructure projects. A noteworthy aspect was the high level of education, preparedness, and in-depth understanding demonstrated by many of these VCs, despite gaming being just one of their verticals. The Game Developers Conference also served as a platform for a substantial number of web3 publishers, including gamefi ecosystems, gaming platforms, and gaming hubs.

Elympics appears to be ahead of the curve with its value proposition, as it aligns well with the sentiments of the majority of game developers who find multiplayer game building to be too complex for them. With web3 gaming becoming more and more visible and the growing number of infrastructure projects and tools, the future of the gaming industry seems to be intriguing. Discussions at the conference also touched on the risk-to-earn model, which is the core component of Elympics' monetization mechanics.

Elympics would like to extend its gratitude to all attendees of the conference for the inspiring talks, meetings, warm greetings, and introductions. GDC was a phenomenal event that offered valuable insights into the gaming industry, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this rapidly evolving field.

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