May 20, 2024

Revealing The Secret Announcement

Let's see what exciting news Elympics announced during NBX Warsaw

Last week marked a pivotal point not only in the development path of Elympics but also in the entire web3 gaming world. During the keynote, our CEO, Michał Dąbrowski, was presenting on the stage of the NBX conference. The attendees were the first people to hear the announcement that redefined how Elympics is seen, the announcement that began a new era.

Winning the Masses

At Elympics, we are pioneering a game-changing infrastructure for the skill games industry, harnessing the unique strengths of web3 technology. But what is web3 truly good for? At its core, web3 should enhance the gaming experience, breaking down barriers rather than creating them. To accomplish this, however, Elympics needs to offer both users and developers something that is hard to find in the current web3 gaming environment.

One of the strongest elements of web3 is its vibrant community, where collaboration sparks new ideas and innovation. However, at the same time, players cherish experiences and social interactions that are already familiar and evoke a sense of security. That is why our goal is to make the transition from web2 to web3 gaming as seamless as possible — to the point where players can’t tell the difference between web2 and web3 games they engage in.

To provide players with a sense of familiarity while discovering new lands of web3 is the key to widespread adoption.

All this is not enough; there is still something missing from the puzzle as gaming thrives on interaction and social engagement. From poker and chess to arcade games and the expansive realm of esports, meaningful competition is the lifeblood of the gaming world. It's this sense of competition and interaction that web3 gaming needs to cultivate, not just for the sake of the game but to fulfill the broader human longing for social connection in the digital age. This is exactly what creates the underlying incentive in web3 gaming — meaningful competition that embraces the social aspect of gaming. This is exactly what is missing from web3 gaming today and what Elympics brings to the table.

It is safe to say that competitiveness is the heartbeat of gaming, and blockchain technology is what makes monetary competitions in gaming a natural fit. From leaderboards and PvP competitions to various tournaments and entire leagues, the opportunities for competitive gaming are vast and exciting. And this is where we have to share with you some numbers we are more than proud of.

The power of competition combined with web3 has driven impressive results for Elympics with more than 2,900 gameplays per day and over 9,000 connected wallets, marking a staggering 2,000% increase in the last four weeks. To make this even more awesome, all this growth has been entirely organic as we decided not to invest a single dollar in marketing, believing the great product is all that matters. The effects of word of mouth are more than exciting, making a testament to the immense potential people see in web3 gaming, driven by the innovative games and infrastructure we've developed.

BIG NEWS: Incentivized Public Testnet Release!

During the Keynote Panel of our CEO, Michał Dąbrowski, titled ‘Winning the Masses - How Competitive Gaming Could Unlock the Mainstream Adoption of Web3,’ Elympics officially entered a new era — the era of Incentivized Public Testnet, where everyone can join the revolution!

Let us say it once again: we are thrilled to announce the release of our Incentivized Public Testnet! Coming in July, Early Developer Access will also be available to our beloved community!

Here is what it means to our community:

  • Opportunities to compete in skill games for testnet tokens
  • Gamified incentive program for players
  • Comprehensive Players Cockpit
  • Chance to Accomplish Quest Platform
  • The ability to build skill games rapidly (in 5-6 weeks) and earn reward points

But there is even more to the recent announcement…

Thanks to the release of the Incentivized Public Testnet, 1.5 million active Unity game developers can now harness all the abstraction provided by Elympics — combining blockchain, networking, and security, enabling them to create fully functional social games with real-money competitions within just a few weeks. With our platform, developers equipped with their game creation skills can now seamlessly transition into the web3 space and unleash their full potential by creating games that are not only engaging and fun to play but also bring the highest quality of security and, above all, fairness of competition.

Web3 World Gains Attention

In 2023, the web3 world saw an average daily number of 4.2 million active wallets (UAW) engaging with web3 applications. This ever-growing interest that arose after the depths of the bear market signals growing mainstream adoption, unlocking a massive user base, developer community, and supporting infrastructure that is being created. Due to all the stars aligning, the future of web3 gaming is being built in front of our eyes, and we at Elympics are an integral part of it by bringing social games with token competitions to the masses.

TON & Elympics

We are also excited to announce our integration with the TON ecosystem, which provides over 900 million users with instant access to decentralized gaming competitions through a seamless onboarding process, all done within their native application. To make things even spicier, here’s the next announcement we have for you!

Soon, Elympics games will be available on the TON ecosystem, allowing millions of users to engage in social gaming with money competitions! Prepare your Telegram accounts because we are going to take over the gaming stage on TON sooner than you think!

If you’d like to dive deeper into what Telegram and Elympics integration means to users, developers, and the entire world of web3 gaming, head to one of our latest posts describing this in detail. 


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