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January 26, 2024

Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming Landscape - Clash of Orbs

Let's revolutionize the web3 landscape for good

The Shift in the Direction

Web3 gaming stands out as one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the coming decade, demonstrating significant potential that waits to be uncovered. With the widespread financial success stories, millions of players have delved into the realm of decentralized games over the last few years lured by the financial aspect. As we all know, this didn’t end well for most.

The introduction of true ownership of in-game assets, a groundbreaking development, has garnered immense player enthusiasm and the integration of blockchain technology in gaming has unveiled a fresh economic dimension within the online gaming landscape. However, as it turned out it was mostly a background to all the financial speculation that took place, and that became the main motivation for people to engage with web3 gaming.

As a consequence a substantial number of individuals have transitioned to web3 gaming driven by the vision of generating income rather than by exploring the new frontier. This wouldn’t be a negative state of things if… in-game economies weren’t made to be exploitative from day one. That is why the first wave of web3 gaming underwent transformations and did not survive in their original state, making room for the new and improved version of game design. Previously, capitalizing on web3 gaming relied on factors such as early participation, token acquisition, or pay-to-win mechanisms, but now things are going to change.

We have learned lots of lessons from the failure of web3 games from the 2020/21 period, but above anything else we’ve seen players who have been willing to invest time and effort to explore games and have fun while seeing financial gain as a nice addition, not a primary incentive. That is why the upcoming trajectory of new web3 gaming era emphasizes competitiveness, strategic mastery, and skill improvement as the means to player’s progress and financial gain, steering away from artificially inducing demand through inflationary tokens or other misaligned incentives.

The Core Concept behind the Upcoming Revolution

At the heart of the impending web3 gaming revolution lies the concept of zero-sum, skill-based game economies. This revolutionary approach combines engaging and rewarding mechanics with a trustless, transparent protocol, unlocking the true potential of decentralized gaming. This time, trustless nature, transparency, and other blockchain-related slogans will cease to be used as marketing keywords, and instead will stand at the core of game mechanics. Elympics, with a steadfast focus on providing an exceptional player experience, envisions massive user adoption not driven by speculative incentives but by the genuine fun and value that the games offer, all thanks to zero-sum and skill-based approach.

In a world where the initial wave of web3 games was shaped by being early, inflationary token purchases, or pay-to-win models, players who were seeking skill-based environments had nowhere to go. It was this very revelation that made game studios seek ways in which players will engage with web3 gaming not driven solely by financial gains, but by competitive environments where financial gain was a reward. That is why the future direction of web3 gaming, as Elympics envisions it, revolves around competitiveness, skill mastery, and leveling up through skill improvement rather than artificial demand for inflationary tokens.

Where is Elympics in All of This?

Elympics positions itself at the forefront of this revolution, armed with insights drawn from the first wave of web3 games. Learning from past experiences, our approach is geared towards healing the scars of the gaming industry and proving that web3 gaming can be far more than what people associate it with nowadays. We present a paradigm shift by allowing players to play and win without the necessity of being early adopters or relying on inflationary tokens. The economic models embedded within our games are centered on skill and zero-sum principles, advocating for a shift in wealth creation dynamics within the gaming ecosystem.But there’s even more…

Elympics envisions the future where web3 gaming access will not be gated by cumbersome wallet integrations, numerous transactions with fees attached, or the need to purchase tokens in order to play the game. This is how players should be welcomed to the world of on-chain gaming and this is exactly what we’re striving to create.

What is Clash of Orbs?

Among the numerous jewels in Elympics' gaming portfolio, Clash of Orbs emerges as a standout, poised to captivate gamers with its competitive zero-sum economic model. This innovative game invites players into a world where adorable characters, known as Orbs, engage in thrilling battles where there’s only one place for the winner. However, Clash of Orbs is more than just a game; it represents a unique economic model that adds an extra layer of excitement for participants.

To step into the arena of Clash of Orbs and compete for the rewards, participants must acquire entry tickets. The funds spent on those tickets are then transferred from players wallets into the shared prize pool, both players will then compete over. This way, the game creates a challenge for players not only in the form of a single match, but by offering them an environment with endless possibilities of testing one’s skills and competing over a shared prize pool.

What if a player doesn’t want to extend the competition to the financial stake? Is there a way to bypass this limitation?

This is exactly what we have articulated a couple paragraphs before - taking part in games with real funds at stake is optional and players can enjoy the thrill of competition without any payments, token purchases, or anything else that’s often associated with web3 gaming.

Launch the game and compete anytime you like.


Preparation is key in the world of Clash of Orbs. Players must meticulously plan their every move, utilizing precise indicators to determine the direction and strength of their Orbs' movements. This strategic approach players have to adopt not only enhances the gaming experience but also provides a distinct advantage over opponents - if coupled with evergrowing game mastery, setting the stage for intense and rewarding battles.  

The game also offers flexibility through the ability to create or join rooms, allowing players to tailor the gaming experience according to their preferences, playing with friends or chosen opponents.


Clash of Orbs promises a diverse and stimulating gaming experience with intense matches across various game modes. Each match introduces a different set of challenges, ensuring that no two encounters are alike, similar to the game of chess where every game unveils itself to be a totally different experience. On top of this, the game's dynamic nature introduces the irresistible but well known "just one more game" syndrome, keeping players engaged and excited at all times.


The pinnacle of Clash of Orbs lies in the competitive arena, where players can engage in duels with real funds at stake or decide to play friendly matches. Competing against others, participants have the opportunity to showcase their skills and strategic prowess, striving to emerge victorious and gain either respect, financial reward, or both.

Elympics: A Revolutionary Year Unveiled

As we stride into 2024, Elympics promises to redefine the gaming experience. Clash of Orbs is just the tip of the iceberg, representing a tiny part of what is to come. Public tournaments, numerous new games, and innovative features are poised to make 2024 a revolutionary year for not only Elympics, but the entire web3 gaming world. It is an invitation for players to keep their eyes wide open and turn their notifications on, as we embark on a journey to reshape the gaming landscape.

So brace yourselves, gamers; the revolution is here, and Elympics is leading the charge.

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