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July 28, 2023

Single Player with Leaderboards

New Era of Competitive Gaming

Evolution of the Gaming World

The introduction of smartphones has significantly transformed various industries, including gaming. What was once perceived as idle time, such as breaks at work or commutes on buses, subways, or trains, has now become an opportunity for the next quick gaming session.

The impact of mobile gaming has surpassed initial expectations, becoming the most lucrative market for both developers and game studios.

A notable milestone in the mobile gaming landscape was the release of Angry Birds, a casual game with a simple design that focused on quick gaming sessions. This way Angry Birds gained worldwide recognition and achieved financial success.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Steve Jobs

This success paved the way for the emergence of various genres, ranging from hypercasual games like Flappy Bird to strategy games like Clash of Clans, which incorporated fresh monetization models, never seen before by the gaming industry

…and with each new genre, a slightly new type of player emerged.

Taking the Next Step - Single Player with Monetized Leaderboards

Games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja conquered the market by mastering two key areas - Simplicity of Design and Gamified Competition. However, they faced a significant obstacle hindering further growth.

The missing element was the lack of incentive to master the game.

This is where the concept of Single Player with Monetized Leaderboards comes into play.

Consider a casual game like Flappy Bird, perfectly suited for quick gaming sessions with its simplistic design and straightforward rules. Now, imagine adding Monetized Leaderboards to the equation. In this scenario, the game would attract a new breed of player - highly competitive individuals driven to master the game not only for the sake of sheer satisfaction, but also to win real world prizes.

By attracting players who are willing to take risks and engage in fair competition, we ignite the creation of a network effect. This, in turn, triggers a snowball effect, leading to long-term growth and increased player retention.

Public leaderboard would become the Hall of Fame motivating players to earn worldwide recognition and rewards along the way by reaching to the top.

This way, we not only create a new type of games reaching far beyond mobile gaming, but also introduce a new way of monetizing the product that fosters sustainable long-term growth.

Paid Competitive Gaming - Introducing New Game Economy

Paid Competitive Gaming - or PCG, introduces a new and innovative mechanism for monetizing in-game competition, paving the way for next-generation game design.

The incentive mechanisms of this approach are specifically designed to create a positive feedback loop. Every victory brings the player closer to the final reward or grants immediate rewards at the end of the game session.

Paid Competitive Gaming Solutions

To participate in the competition, players are motivated to put their resources at stake, whether it's time, money, or in-game currency. This fundamental principle fuels the drive to master the game and strive for the top. The satisfaction of being at the pinnacle is amplified by rewarding players for their skillset and dedication with Real World Prizes, such as valuable items, pooled stakes, or convertible in-game currency.

By implementing the Paid Competitive Gaming design, developers gain the ability to generate a steady stream of revenue from their games over the long term. This approach also incentivizes the creation of highly competitive and engaging gameplay, attracting new players and fostering high player retention rates, as well as significantly longer sessions. Consequently, developers are motivated to prioritize the quality of gameplay, crafting exceptional products that become icons within their respective gaming genres.

Moreover, brands seeking to enhance market awareness of their products can leverage the competitive nature of the PCG approach. By creating games where players have the opportunity to win real-world prizes, brands organically promote their products while also generating a network effect. This synergy creates a powerful impact, spreading brand awareness and captivating a larger audience.

Paid Competitive Gaming monetization model, combined with the pre-built infrastructure, holds tremendous potential to revolutionize game development for developers lacking expertise in core infrastructure management. This model opens doors for aspiring developers to fulfill their dreams of releasing their own games without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Similarly, small studios face challenges in assembling top-tier teams capable of creating and releasing high-quality games. By leveraging the PCG model and utilizing the pre-built infrastructure offered by Elympics, these studios can not only raise awareness of their studio brand and deliver exceptional gaming experiences but also establish a sustainable source of long-term revenue. This allows them to focus on creating future games that have the potential to achieve mainstream adoption and position themselves as industry leaders in the long run.

Democratizing Game Creation

Elympics is the go-to place for developers who are looking for a seamless game creation process.

What Elympics offers is the complementary set of tools and infrastructure allowing developers to focus on creating an immersive in-game environment where players would love to spend time. This way the game development process is simplified which in turn lowers the barrier to entry and allows for a more diverse set of games to be released.

Small studios, indie developers, and even beginners can bring their imaginative gameplay concepts to life by producing their game and releasing it to the market.

Simplicity of Monetization

Developers often encounter challenges when it comes to implementing effective monetization techniques in their games, often relying heavily on in-app purchases or advertisements within the Free-to-Play model.

Elympics recognizes the importance of rewarding developers based on the success of their games. By introducing the PCG design, players are incentivized to invest their resources, resulting in maximized revenue for developers through increased player engagement in competitive gameplay, going beyond the limitations of Store revenue alone.

The introduction of PCG approach marks a paradigm shift in game creation. With this model, players are motivated to master the game and climb the leaderboard to compete for the ultimate prize. The competitive nature of the game is further amplified by the competitive nature of the PCG design, where players have the opportunity to put their in-game or real-world currency at stake.

Elympics offers a comprehensive solution that enables developers to focus on the creative process, rather than grappling with the implementation of monetization mechanics across a diverse range of games, extending beyond just mobile platforms.

With Elympics' solutions, developers can create games for various platforms, including mobile, arcade-style gameplay, and even platforms like Steam, making it possible for games to be enjoyed on PC, Steam Deck, or Nintendo Switch. This flexibility empowers developers to enter the market of their choice, expanding their reach and potential audience.

Developers’ Toolkit - Solutions

Elympics empowers studios and developers by providing a comprehensive suite of pre-built solutions and mechanisms that can be seamlessly implemented. Whether it's ensuring the security and fairness of gameplay or providing an external source of truth through the In-Game Oracle, Elympics offers top-notch solutions that enable anyone to build their own game.

With Elympics, developers can leverage the expertise and infrastructure provided to create high-quality games without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The built-in security measures, such as the Server-Authority design, guarantee that gameplay remains secure and tamper-proof.

Security & Fairness

Elympics ensures a transparent system of publicly available Verified Replays stored on-chain, coupled with the robust Server-Authority design that safeguards the integrity of the game state against client-side alterations. This combination guarantees a secure and fair gaming environment where players can have complete confidence in the authenticity of their gameplay.

Security & Fairness

Serverless Gameplay Hosting

With Elympics' serverless gameplay hosting, developers can leverage high-quality infrastructure that eliminates the need for complex server management. This allows them to focus on creating immersive multiplayer experiences without the burden of server maintenance, ensuring the best possible gaming experience for players.

Serverless Gameplay Hosting

Paid Competitive Gaming

The introduction of Paid Competitive Gaming marks a paradigm shift in game creation, offering new incentives for players to master the game and rewarding both players and developers. This innovative approach to competitive gaming creates a dynamic and engaging environment, fostering a growing network effect that attracts and retains players.

Paid Competitive Gaming

Proof of Game

By implementing Proof of Game using blockchain technology, developers can establish a robust system that provides players with a secure and fair gaming experience. The generation of publicly available and verifiable Proof of Game stored on-chain ensures that every gameplay can be easily authenticated, promoting trust and transparency in the gaming ecosystem.

Proof of Game

In-Game Oracle

In-Game Oracle serves as the external source of truth, impartially verifying all data in real-time. By leveraging In-Game Oracle, developers can fully harness the potential of the Risk-to-Earn approach, creating safe and competitive environments where players are motivated to take risks and compete, knowing that the final result is determined solely by their skillset. This enhances the overall gaming experience and fosters a sense of fairness and trust among players.

In-Game Oracle

Build with us

If you're eager to start building your game with Elympics, we invite you to visit our GitHub page. There, you'll discover a comprehensive set of tools and resources specifically designed to assist you in creating your game, drawing inspiration from our iconic title - Template Run. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, our GitHub repository offers everything you need to bring your game to life.


For a deeper understanding of the implementation process and to explore the full range of solutions and mechanics available to you, we recommend visiting our Docs page. Our documentation provides detailed explanations, examples, and guidelines to help you navigate the Elympics ecosystem seamlessly.


So, don't hesitate to dive in and unleash your creativity with Elympics. Build your dream game, captivate players with innovative mechanics, and join the vibrant community of developers who are shaping the future of gaming. The possibilities are limitless, and we can't wait to see what you'll create!

Elympics in Action

The ideal case for leveraging Elympics is creating personalized games for events, where hosts can use the game to enhance engagement and provide participants with a thematic source of entertainment.

The example showcasing the power of Elympics is the game "Next Block Run" created for the NBX Warsaw event. This collaboration successfully demonstrated the potential of personalized games in enhancing participant engagement and creating a captivating experience.

"Next Block Run'' captivated participants by offering them the chance to compete for enticing real-world prizes. From Jäger shots to winning tickets for the next event in Berlin, the game provided an interactive and immersive platform for participants to showcase their skills and strive for victory. The pinnacle of excitement came in the form of the grand prize, a VIP ticket for the highly anticipated Berlin event, which elevated the stakes and heightened the competitive spirit among players.

The impact of "Next Block Run" was truly impressive, as demonstrated by the numbers. The game attracted a significant number of participants, resulting in a surge of enthusiasm and engagement. The seamless integration of Elympics' solutions enabled the smooth execution of the game, ensuring fairness, security, and an exhilarating gaming experience for all involved.

Now, let's delve into the numbers and examine how "Next Block Run" ignited the competitive spirit among participants, fostering a thrilling gaming atmosphere.

  • Total Games played - 9396
  • Unique players - 126
  • Total number of sessions - 359
  • Time spent playing - 37.65h

These impressive numbers highlight the success of "Next Block Run" as a thrilling and engaging gaming experience. Through the integration of Elympics' solutions, the event organizers were able to create a personalized game that not only entertained but also incentivized participants with real-world prizes. It's a testament to the power of gamification and the impact it can have on events and engagements.

Another notable example showcasing the capabilities of Elympics is the game WinMe, which was developed using the Elympics platform.

The studio chose to build their game based on the popular title Flappy Bird, enhancing it with the inclusion of a public Leaderboard mechanic. This strategic decision created a competitive environment where players were motivated to showcase their skills and climb up the leaderboard.

Upon its release, WinMe garnered a significant player base, with over one thousand downloads on the App Store alone. The creators of WinMe successfully captured the attention of players, as top scores were rewarded with enticing real-world prizes such as sneakers, hoodies, and T-shirts.

The integration of Elympics into the development of WinMe not only enhanced player engagement and competition, but also facilitated the seamless implementation of monetization and reward systems. It exemplifies the potential of Elympics in creating captivating games that resonate with players and drive success for both developers and participants.

The Future of Single Player Games with Leaderboards

The gaming industry is in a constant quest for new ways to attract players and monetize their products. While early blockchain-based titles often leaned towards a Pay-to-Win model with the addition of grinding disguised under the Play-to-Earn label, a new era of blockchain gaming is emerging.

By leveraging blockchain technology, games can offer seamless and fair gameplay, with every piece of data securely stored on a public blockchain. The introduction of public leaderboards, where players from all over the world compete for real-world prizes, represents the natural progression of blockchain gaming. The security and fairness of these competitions are ensured by blockchain-based solutions such as Smart Contracts and In-Game Oracles. Moreover, the gameplay experience is further safeguarded by the Server-Authority design, preventing players from tampering with their inputs on the client side.

The growth of the on-chain gaming sector will become a significant branch of the wider gaming industry. Elympics is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between these two worlds, leveraging their expertise and providing the necessary infrastructure and support for developers and studios seeking to enter the future of competitive gaming.

With Elympics, developers can tap into the potential of blockchain technology, creating immersive and engaging games that combine the benefits of on-chain security and fairness with the thrill of competitive gameplay.

The future of gaming is here, and Elympics is at the forefront, empowering developers to shape the next generation of gaming experiences.

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