September 22, 2023

Summer Camp - The Final Stage

The Final Stage of Summer Camp - Choosing Winners

What is Summer Camp?

The Elympics Summer Camp offers a one-of-a-kind experience for aspiring young developers, allowing them to showcase their talents in an engaging three-month game development program.

This creative journey empowers participants to transform their creative visions into tangible realities, making the most out of Unity engine and Elympics multiplayer toolkit. Throughout the entirety of the process, our dedicated mentors provide invaluable guidance and support, ensuring that every participant receives the assistance they need.

After all the months filled with game development, brainstorming ideas, and bursts of creativity, Summer Camp has reached its final stage - The Final Contest.

Summer Camp

In the previous blog post we’ve described the idea behind the Summer Camp and presented the first three games that were created during the Summer Camp. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s a brief summary of what happened since the beginning.

The Summer Camp began with an impressive enrollment of 123 developers from various countries. On August 16th, we reached the Second Milestone, and we are excited to showcase the amazing games that our teams have been working on. Out of all the games, we’d like to mention a few that really caught our attention.

  • Elympicars is the competitive arcade-style racing game created with the use of an amazing pastel color palette.

  • In Racoon Fall you have to cooperate with your friend to help two cute raccoons reach the ground.

  • Meowmancers: Tarot Cards is a mix of FPS genre with RNG mechanics in which you compete with other players on the arena filled with randomly generated spells

  • Revolverist is an ingenious mixture of FPS and deck-building, where players enter the arena having their revolvers filled with strategically allocated bullets of various utility.

To learn more about the games, read our previous blog post where we discuss games in more detail. You can find the blogpost here - Summer Camp.

The Final Stage

Approaching the final milestone of our amazing journey marks both the end and the beginning. Having seen such incredible teams and developers join us in Summer Camp we knew it would be the very beginning of their road to success in the gaming industry, even though some did not manage to pass all the milestones along the way.

Now is the time for the final assessment, where all the games will be evaluated based on the following criteria. We can’t wait to play all the games our amazing teams have created. The fun part begins.

  • Competitiveness - This criterion assesses whether the game fosters healthy competition among players, a fundamental aspect of engaging gameplay.

  • Innovation and Gameplay Appeal - Here, we gauge the game's innovativeness and its overall allure in terms of gameplay, crucial for captivating an audience.

  • Audiovisual Excellence - We delve into the realm of audio and visual effects, scrutinizing their quality and impact on the player's immersion.

  • Technical Integrity - A technically sound game is essential. We examine the game's technical state to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

  • Gameplay Immersion - This criterion provides insights into the overall gameplay experience, vital for player satisfaction.

Now the question arises - what happens after the evaluation?

The evaluation process held by the jury will draw three winners that will be chosen based on the criteria mentioned above. Additionally, there will be a second round of voting also drawing three winning teams, but this time the teams will be chosen on the basis of community votes and awarded with a Community Prize. Moreover, all participants who successfully complete the Summer Camp will receive a one-time financial boost of $600 per team to help in their gaming journey. Additional resources for hosting will also be provided, enabling them to launch their games, possibly on platforms like Steam Early Access or other market validation methods.

For the most promising games, our extensive network of partners offers an environment conducive to further develop one’s skills and dive deep into the world of game creation. Throughout the entire Summer Camp, participants had an incredible opportunity to acquire new skills, test their knowledge in practice, and improve their prospects in the competitive job market. The coveted Elympics certificate, earned during this program, can significantly bolster a developer's or team's chances of securing roles in the ever growing field of Elympics game development.

Special Thanks

We would also love to thank our sponsors who made the entire journey of Summer Camp even more exciting for the participants. It’s worth noting G2A, GameDev Tube (GDT), and Game Swift are deeply involved in the gaming and blockchain industry creating an ideal merge of the world we’re building with Elympics.

G2A is the heart of digital revolution as it serves the role of the world's largest marketplace for digital entertainment. Upon visiting G2A you will not only purchase a number of different games, but also in-game items like skins, boosts, as well as gift cards.

GameDev Tube is a web3 mobile gaming studio focused on creating multifunctional digital products. GDT is not only focused on gaming itself, but provides entertainment for all mobile platforms delivering gaming products with lifestyle elements through mid/hardcore mobile games and hyper-casual productions.

GameSwift is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its modular blockchain and ecosystem. It provides all the necessary elements to create a thriving web3 gaming empire. This 360-degree project caters to game developers and studios, equipping them with the tools needed to launch web2 games into the web3 environment. It also serves as a space for avid gamers who want to immerse themselves in the crypto world and be part of web3. The primary goal of GameSwift is to cultivate the largest gaming community possible, ensuring games gain immediate traction and reach a wide audience of players.

If you’d like to learn more about our sponsors, visit their social media for more info - G2A, GameDev Tube, and Game Swift.

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