August 23, 2023

Summer Camp - Unveiling the Journey

Summer Camp - Unveiling the Journey So Far

What is Summer Camp? 

Elympics Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity for young developers to put their skills into action during a three-month game development journey. Young developers have the opportunity to turn their vision into real games by using Unity and Elympics multiplayer toolkit, and everything under the watchful eye of our mentors who are always keen to help.

Now, let's take a look at the progress of our aspiring game developers.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp started with an astounding number of 123 developers from 8 different countries who signed up to take part in the journey.

With August 16th marking the completion of the Second Milestone we are ready to proudly present what teams have been working on. Among all the wonderful games created by our teams there are three that stood out the most and we couldn’t help but share them with you.

Are you ready? Here's a little preview of what's on the horizon.


If you've been missing the thrill of competitive racing in an arcade style, Elympicars is the answer you've been waiting for.

Its pastel-style color choice instantly grabs your attention, captivating you with its simple yet delightful color palette. When you're racing with your friends, the excitement of competition reaches new heights as you navigate the track brimming with cunning corners.

This game has been crafted entirely by a single developer who goes by the pseudonym Johnonym. His passion for gaming is evident not only through Elympicars but also on his Twitter and dedicated blog where he discusses all things gaming.

We're eagerly looking forward to taking cart racing to the next level and discovering who truly reigns as the supreme driver on the team!

Racoon Fall

Describing the cuteness of raccoons might be a challenge, but what if you could actually play a game where you and your friend take on the roles of these charming creatures?

Seems almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

Meet the Bailando team, a group of four friends from Poland who've decided to bring this cuteness to life on your screen. Their creation is a game where you cooperate to guide two raccoons safely down from a rooftop. And if that's not exciting enough, you can also invite friends to engage in a 2vs2 mode, igniting a competition to get your raccoons to the ground as quickly as possible. This involves making the most of physics by creatively using the line connecting the two animals.

This game not only demands skill mastery but also perfect teamwork with your partner. Are you prepared to put your friendship to the test?


One of the most unique games in the making is Lasered. This title, handcrafted by a Polish developer, ingeniously combines the elements of a twin-stick shooter and a puzzle game, weaving logical thinking seamlessly into its straightforward design.

The primary objective of Lasered is to strategically guide your laser beams to inflict damage on your opponents while safeguarding your base. As the game's development progresses, we can anticipate the introduction of alternative victory conditions. These might involve manipulating your laser beams to seize control of most targets on the map before your opponent can.

The game's engagement factor is striking, accommodating up to four players and thereby escalating the complexity of strategies needed for victory.

What’s next?

With the Third Milestone set for September 6th, we're eagerly anticipating what our talented teams have in the pipeline for the weeks to come!

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