May 14, 2024

Taking Over NBX with Compete & Win

We're thrilled to announce that Elympics has become a Strategic Partner for one of the premier crypto events of the year - the Blockchain Festival of Europe, hosted by Next Block Expo that takes place in Warsaw this week, on May 15th and 16th! This partnership is a testament to the remarkable strides we've made in the web3 gaming universe, and it's just the beginning of what’s yet to come. Let’s dive in and uncover what we have prepared for our amazing community!

Taking Over NBX with Compete & Win

The NBX Warsaw conference is more than just a meeting point for crypto enthusiasts; it's a celebration of the vibrant intersection of blockchain technology and web3 gaming, especially highlighted by Elympics and the games we will show you. Picture this: you're stepping into an arcade-like atmosphere, but instead of a video game parlor, it’s buzzing with fellow gamers competing to earn the most Respect and blockchain pioneers who share their thoughts and visions on the future of web3 gaming. However, it’s not just about being a spectator - at NBX, you play Elympics games while being surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of fellow players that only adds to the feeling of thrill whenever playing a new game, as the rewards are more than exciting—but we will talk about this a bit later in today’s post.

At this week’s conference, you’re not just an attendee; you’re part of an Elympics community. NBX Warsaw is a great place to meet the Elympics team face-to-face, share and discuss ideas centered on web3 gaming, and connect over common passions with fellow players. You’ll get a real-life taste of the Elympics Respect System, where the Respect you earn will not be just virtual - it will be echoed by the cheers of fellow players when you climb up the leaderboard and win the prizes that await you.

Join the Keynote of Our Amazing CEO

There’s even more that you will find during NBX. You can join our CEO, Michał Dąbrowski, as he will take the stage to deliver a pivotal keynote on web3 gaming adoption titled "Winning the Masses: How Competitive Gaming Could Unlock the Mainstream Adoption of Web3." By listening to Michał’s speech, you will dive into our strategic insights on how we see web3 gaming and its development in the near future. Michał will also be part of an elite panel alongside leaders from Animoca Brands and TON Network, discussing forward-looking trends in blockchain gaming and the ripple effect these will send across the entire crypto world.

Here’s a little alpha we have got for you - stay tuned because during the keynote, Michał will share a special announcement that will set the stage for the future of web3 gaming with Elympics at its core!

Compete to Win Lambo Ride at NBX

Prepare for an adrenaline rush at NBX, where you'll dive deep into the realm of competitive gaming with our "Pump Your Respect" challenge. In this challenge, you will engage in a series of thrilling competitions with a single goal in mind—to accumulate Respect and compete for spectacular prizes that await your victory.

  • Exclusive access to Elympics Alpha Passes
  • Chance to win a Bitcoin Solo Miner in our lottery
  • Top-notch security with Trezor One and Trezor Safe 3
  • VIP ticket to next edition of NBX
  • And the grand prize - the exhilarating LAMBO RIDE! 🔥

Join Us There!

Don't miss out on The Blockchain Festival! As we love all the members of our community, we’ve managed to secure a special 25% discount on the tickets to NBX you can use to join us at the site. We're more than excited to meet all of you, share our expansive vision for web3 gaming, and showcase a groundbreaking new game that we have recently added to our ecosystem. Secure your ticket now by visiting the link below and come meet us at NBX!

Grab your tickets here: 

Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge on web3 gaming and crypto markets in general or just want to dive into hands-on gaming at the site, NBX Warsaw is the go-to event for anyone who’s engaged in the evolving worlds of gaming and blockchain. It's an essential hub for building lasting connections in the networking zone and all the side events that you can go to and find us there as well.

We have also prepared our own side event you can grab an invite to and spend with us more time in Warsaw!

Secure your free invite here: 

Join us as we explore the new era of web3 gaming at The Blockchain Festival. We can’t wait to see you there!


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