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February 2, 2023

Temple Tanks: Mayan cannons enter the battlefield

Play our latest action game set in the Mexican jungle. 🐒🌿 Temple Tanks by Elympics are out now!

Have you ever heard about the Maya, the Ancient civilization that populated Mexico and Central America in the Bronze Age? You’ve definitely seen its famous pyramids and sculptures just like modern clothes and accessories with geometric patterns inspired by these people.

Now, the Maya civilization is back, but one thing has changed. It has developed its own, highly advanced tank technology. Welcome to Temple Tanks by Elympics!

Temple Tanks by Elympics: gameplay, rules, art works

Temple Tanks: gameplay

Temple Tanks is an action game with tactical elements set in a Mexican jungle. Players navigate through an Ancient town in tanks made of stone to find and destroy their opponents, discovering the map and its hidden surprises on their way up.

Players can see the battlefield from a bird’s eye view, but their visual field is limited to their immediate surroundings, just like in a real tank battle. Thanks to that, the game is much more than a classic shooter: these limitations create an atmosphere of uncertainty, known from stealth games, that forces a truly tactical approach. Adding that the environment is destructible, players need to stay alert all the time!

Temple Tanks by Elympics: gameplay overview

What’s more, maps are filled with valuable pickups. During their matches, players can collect diverse tank cannons, health refills, and special scoring fields that impact the gameplay. However, they appear only from time to time as indicated by a special arrow on the HUD.

As you can see, it’s not a typical modern war game. We wanted to implement the tank theme in a new, original way. Once we came up with the Mayan idea, we were sure: that's the way to go! 🍕

Temple Tanks: rules & requirements

Temple Tanks is a PvP game where 4 players fight against each other. Their goal is to collect as many points as possible during a match by damaging their opponents and picking up diverse add-ons from the map. Once the time runs up, the player with the most points wins! 🏆

Technical requirements: 

  • 🤓🙂😎😃 4 players (gather your friends or the system will choose opponents for you)
  • 🕸️ Chrome or Edge web browser
  • 💻 any modern PC or Mac 

Our game is completely free: no hidden microtransactions or ads. 🎉 It’s available in an open beta version, so we’re very open to your feedback (feel free to share it on our Discord). 

Ready for the battle? Let’s do this!

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