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May 10, 2024

The Synergy That Transforms Web3 Gaming

Let's uncover exciting news from the blockchain gaming world

In an era dominated by the so-called 'attention economy,' the success of any venture, especially in the crypto space, hinges on its ability to capture and sustain both the market and the user interest. The significance of an ever-shifting golden time-window that crypto cycle narratives offer cannot be stressed enough, and it seems this market cycle is the ideal moment for web3 gaming to prove its worth and show what is really possible in the realm of blockchain gaming. The ideal moment to demonstrate what web3 projects have been meticulously crafting behind the scenes is here, and Elympics is seizing this opportunity. Before we delve into the recent announcement we’d love to discuss, let’s begin by briefly examining the uniqueness that Elympics brings to the table so that you, dear reader, will better understand what follows.

Addressing Community Needs

The path taken by Elympics marks a significant shift in addressing a recurring theme within the web3 gaming sector - the disconnect between web3 game projects' real wants and community true needs. Traditional game models often overlook the varied interests of key stakeholders like players, investors, developers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) & ambassadors who also are a vital part of the project. Addressing this issue, Elympics introduces four paradigm shifts that truly revolutionize this dynamic, ensuring a more inclusive and rewarding environment for all parties involved. 

First, it improves the gaming experience for players, making gameplay intrinsically rewarding by focusing on quality competition and not on pointless vanilla gameplay as was often the case in past web3 gaming iterations. Secondly, it focuses on developing games that not only entertain but also provide financial returns in a fair way, which in itself is a zero-to-one revolution in the gaming field. Thirdly, the protocol amplifies shared benefits for all engaged parties, creating a model where everyone's contributions are valued, improving the area that has always been neglected and as a result favored one side over the other. Lastly, it implements commissions on every gameplay, ensuring ongoing rewards for continual engagement and support that go straight to developer wallets. This comprehensive approach not only aligns with the ethos of equitable distribution but also pushes the entire ecosystem towards sustainable growth despite market downturns and enhances user satisfaction with games and competitions that last.

Another Step Forward

Now, after highlighting the significance of Elympics to the web3 gaming space, it will be much easier to understand the recent announcement from one of the leading Venture Capital funds in the world of crypto. The announcement excites us all when we think about all the things that will come because of it, let’s go!

The recent interest from the market side and overall developments in the blockchain gaming landscape are more than exciting, and since such changes are not overlooked by the best investors, some took an interest. Pantera Capital's strategic investment in TON - a Layer 1 network that is a part of the Telegram ecosystem marks a pivotal moment not only in TON and Elympics development path, but also in the entire web3 gaming world. Pantera's engagement highlights a profound confidence in TON's potential to appeal to mainstream users through its seamless integration with Telegram’s vast user base, exceeding 900 million monthly active users at the time of writing. This makes Telegram not only a robust messaging service closely tied to crypto but also a dynamic space for community building and content sharing, all leveraged by TON’s comprehensive and user-friendly ecosystem which will soon be filled with web3 competitive games built with Elympics.

Among the highlights made by Pantera is the seamless user experience offered by Telegram, which has significantly outpaced its competitors with over 36.7 million downloads in January alone, demonstrating its potential to reach new users with ease. This extensive adoption provides fertile ground for blockchain technologies and positions TON uniquely in the market where user acquisition outside of crypto is one of the key missions to be accomplished. By comparison, platforms like Messenger and WeChat have encountered regulatory and scope limitations, respectively, in their integration with blockchain technologies, none of which hindered Telegram’s growth thanks to its strategic business location in Dubai, showing that Telegram also excels at the market meta-game level.

The TON network, built with scalability and the web3 spirit in mind, processes transactions rapidly through its dynamic sharding mechanism that is prepared to handle the increasing demands of up to hundreds of millions of users without sacrificing performance, unlike some Layer 1 blockchain projects - without giving names, which faced severe problems once the blockspace demand rose. This type of scalability is crucial for developers at Elympics and other projects in Telegram’s ecosystem that are looking to deploy applications and games efficiently and what’s even more important, sustain high user interest in games that hit the headlines and go viral without any inconveniences. Moreover, the integration of crypto functionalities like sending funds and NFTs is greatly simplified on Telegram via Top.co's Wallet, boasting 15 million users to date. This wallet enhances the accessibility of blockchain features, supporting both custodial and self-custodial options which in turn accommodates both novice and experienced users in a comfortable way.

In the realm of social and gaming applications that are catching more and more interest, Telegram’s close integration with its TON blockchain has already shown substantial user engagement, with platforms like Catizen and Notcoin amassing millions of active users in a short span, proving the potential that lies in web3 gaming. This also reflects the platform’s capacity to rapidly scale user adoption and engagement across its novel applications, which is a critical asset for Elympics as we develop and expand our gaming initiatives to reach millions and provide the fun of meaningful competition to everyone on the platform. There is one more thing that has to be underlined, the introduction of stablecoin transactions through TON blockchain with Tether’s USDT and the possibility of integrating NFT functionalities offer new monetization avenues for the community and immensely simplify the building process on TON. This integration not only simplifies sending transactions on a global scale, allowing sending funds as simply as one sends messages, but also significantly reduces all costs compared to traditional crypto payment platforms where the cost of the transaction is sometimes too high to accept for the user.

Elympics is more than excited about all these advancements along with Pantera’s involvement, as all this heralds new opportunities for growth, innovation, and user engagement within the blockchain gaming world. The strategic investment by Pantera Capital in TON, coupled with the vast capabilities of Telegram, creates a promising horizon for blockchain applications that Elympics is eager to explore and lead since day one. As we move forward, these developments reinforce our commitment to pioneering a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative digital gaming ecosystem. 

Let’s revolutionize web3 gaming together!


In a digital space increasingly dominated by shortened attention spans, the world of web3 gaming is the first in line to leverage this phenomenon with its hyper-casual games that offer both fun and quality competition. The new gaming avenues, blending entertainment and investment, are perfectly positioned to capitalize on current trends favoring quick engagement, immediate rewards, and consecutive feedback loops based on the short gaming sessions. Knowing this, Elympics introduces significant innovations to better align web3 game mechanics with community needs in the form of a Compete-to-Earn design, enhancing user satisfaction and encouraging sustainable growth that is market cycle-agnostic. Additionally, strategic investments, like Pantera Capital's investment in TON blockchain, signal strong confidence in the fusion of blockchain technology with mainstream platforms like Telegram, suggesting a promising future for blockchain-enhanced gaming environments that will be entirely native to web3. This combination of technological advancement and strategic moves marks a pivotal moment for the entire web3 gaming world that is finally getting a chance to show what it is capable of.


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