June 21, 2024

UEFA European Championship with Elympics

Take part in the football festival with Clash of Orbs

Ready to dive into a game that fuses the excitement of football with the immersive world of web3? Elympics is thrilled to introduce the new Football Game Mode in Clash of Orbs! Just in time for the UEFA European Championship, this update is set to captivate both seasoned web3 gamers and football fans alike. By blending a beloved sport with innovative gaming, Elympics shows how web3 games can stay fresh, fun, and in sync with the latest trends.

Welcome to the Football Arena

Step into the Football Arena where traditional Clash of Orbs gameplay transforms into a thrilling football match. Dribble, tackle, and score your way to victory, combining the strategic elements of Clash of Orbs with the fast-paced excitement of football. Control your Orbs on the football field, outmaneuver opponents, and aim for the goal. It’s easy to pick up, challenging to master, and endlessly fun!

And if you’re curious whether you can earn your Respect points here… Yes! "Pump the Respect" system is a part of the new mode! Earn respect points for fair play, strategic thinking, and top-notch performance on the field. These points aren’t just for show - they place you on the leaderboards, creating a social dynamic where you strive for victory and the admiration of your peers. Show off your skills and stack up the respect!

Bridging the Gap for New Players

Coinciding with the UEFA European Championship, this new mode taps into the excitement of this major sporting event. As fans around the world rally behind their favorite teams, Clash of Orbs offers an interactive way to join the football fever. The Football Game Mode is designed to welcome everyone, even those new to web3 gaming. Football, a universally loved sport, acts as the perfect gateway to showcase how inclusive web3 gaming can be. With a familiar theme and straightforward gameplay, Clash of Orbs makes it easy for new players to jump in. You don’t need to be a blockchain expert to enjoy the game. Focus on the fun and competitive aspects, and gradually discover the perks of web3 gaming, like true ownership of in-game assets and the ability to trade and showcase your achievements. This inclusive approach ensures the growth of a diverse and vibrant gaming community over time.

The Future of Thematic Gaming

As the gaming industry evolves, the need for games to stay thematically relevant and adaptable is and will be crucial. The Football Game Mode in Clash of Orbs is just the beginning. Expect more innovations that align with major events, trends, and cultural phenomena, ensuring games made by and with Elympics remain engaging and enjoyable. While web3 games, with their transparent and fair economic models, are leading the charge, Elympics, through Clash of Orbs, is setting a new standard for how games can be both fun and meaningful.


The Football Game Mode in Clash of Orbs is more than just an update; it's a showcase of the potential of web3 gaming. By aligning with the UEFA European Championship, Elympics has created a timely and engaging experience that showcases the adaptability and innovation at the heart of web3 games. As players dribble, tackle, and score their way to the top, they become part of a larger narrative that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world entertainment.


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