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July 8, 2022

w3_jam replay

Let’s get back to the first edition of our gamejam to see how developers around the globe combined web3, gaming, and cinematography.

At the end of June, Unity developers around the world took up an exciting challenge: creating a play-and-earn game inspired by their favourite movie in 36 hours. 10 teams of 2-5 people used Elympics for the first time to deliver engaging multiplayer blockchain games. After fierce competition, 3 of them received valuable rewards from event partners including cash and vouchers for the G2A marketplace.

That’s w3_jam in a nutshell. Now, let’s see how it all started! 👇

Revealing w3_jam

Our Twitter followers were the first to learn about our gamejam. We dropped the first message on June 7. Then, we started to uncover more details such as the prize pool (4.5k euros in cash and 3k euros in G2A vouchers) and event partners (Google Cloud, G2A, PlayNity, HashUp, Comparic, Polish Blockchain Association and Web3 Devs Poland). The tension was growing! 🔥

The registration closed on June 19, and we were amazed by the number of applications. There were almost 9 teams per seat! 🤯 Selecting the top 10 wasn’t easy.

Let’s code!

As w3_jam was fully remote, we kicked off on Wednesday June 22 on our Discord.

w3_jam by Elympics: kickoff presentation
w3_jam kickoff

Elympics team welcomed the participants and revealed the event theme: action game inspired by your favourite movie. 🎥 The task was to build a competitive multiplayer game for 2-4 players using our networking engine for web3 games.

w3_jam participants had 36 hours to build their game. Between coding, they had an opportunity to take part in workshopswith web3 and gamedev experts including Tomasz Kowalczyk, CTO of StarTerra, and Michal Dabrowski, CEO of Elympics. The competing teams admitted that their presentations helped them understand the nuances of web3 gamedev and encouraged them to join the landscape.

w3_jam by Elympics: blockchain workshop by Michal Dabrowski, CEO & Founder of Elympics
Web3 gaming workshop by Michal Dabrowski, CEO & Founder of Elympics

Announcing winners

After 36 hours of intense work, participants submitted their games for review. The assessment criteria were simple:

  • sticking to the theme,
  • gameplay attractiveness,
  • audio and video quality,
  • tech state of the game.

Apart from short text descriptions, participants provided the jury with builds, gameplay videos, and screenshots. Thanks to them, they could feel the unique vibe of each project.

w3_jam jury included:

How did they comment on their experience as jury members?

w3_jam by Elympics: jury members testimonials

Finally, after heated discussions, they selected the top 3: HexaTron by Kamyker, Bullet Dash by Tutel, and Close the Gap by R-Next. Here'a a reel summarizing their gameplays:

See you in Autumn

It was the first edition of w3_jam but definitely not the last one. We’ll be back after a summer break, and you can be the first to learn about it.

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