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January 12, 2024

Why 2024 is the Year of Blockchain Gaming

Let's explore what's waiting for blockchain gaming in 2024

Get ready for the revolution in the blockchain gaming world! We've had a taste of what's to come in 2023, and now, in 2024, blockchain gaming is gearing up to take the spotlight. With more people getting curious about web3 gaming, a wave of optimism sweeping through, investors throwing more money into the ring, and gamers from the traditional scene making their move, the gaming scene is set for a real shake-up.

In the last article we’ve covered how 2023 changed the world of blockchain gaming. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link.


  • 2024 is the year of web3 gaming adoption
  • Liquidity comes back to fuel the web3 world
  • Rising need for gamified experiences
  • Education as the key to adoption

Riding the Blockchain Wave

Blockchain technology, once a bit of a niche, now is about to become a household name in gaming. In 2024, we're expecting traditional gamers to finally catch on to what blockchain can really do. Big players from the web2 gaming world are already on board, integrating blockchain into their systems, and as these giants lead the way, everyone is about to get hyped about blockchain games.

But there's one hurdle to clear before we can fully embrace blockchain gaming - getting people to see blockchain as more than just crypto ponzi schemes that bring demise to those who are too bold. It's about educating gamers that blockchain is not the bad guy in the room; in fact, it's the ticket to a whole new gaming experience. Once players get wind of the fresh thrills, competitions, and emotions waiting for them in blockchain games, they'll be diving in headfirst.

The Return of Liquidity

If there is one huge game-changer for the entire web3 gaming world, it is the return of liquidity to crypto markets. This boost in resources will fuel the growth of tons of gaming projects itching to show off what they've been working on throughout 2023. It is the liquidity that often turned out to be the main obstacle throughout the entire 2023, with lower interest in funding straightforwardly slowing down the development process. Brace yourselves for a flood of game releases that will make web3 gaming the talk of the town.

Expect to see high-quality games hitting the market, not just big productions like Illuvium, but also bite-sized gems following the casual or hyper-casual game trend with NotCoin being an interesting example. This little contender managed to attract over 5 million users in just one week, proving that small can be mighty in the world of blockchain gaming - especially if one has the backing of giants like Telegram. And that's not everything we’re expecting to see – get ready for gamified mechanics in dozens of user-facing apps and in-app game implementations that are set to attract the mainstream crowd. In 2024, we're talking simple interfaces and user-friendly designs reminiscent of the traditional gaming and web2 world we all are so accustomed to, making the transition to blockchain gaming a piece of cake for newbies.

The Game-Changing 2024

To sum it up, 2023 was just the warm-up; the real show is about to begin in 2024. With more interest, more investments, and even the big guns of traditional gaming joining the blockchain trend, it's all set to be a pivotal year. As blockchain technology takes the stage, dispelling myths and offering gamers unique experiences, the following months will show gamers that there’s much more to web3 gaming than what they remember from 2021/22.

Liquidity coming back, incorporation of user-friendly features tailored for the mainstream, increasing interest in web3 gaming… stars are aligning and marking the beginning of a new era where blockchain gaming becomes synonymous with innovation, accessibility, and immersive experiences. However, that’s not everything there is to uncover.

This year is not just about paving the way for the giants of both web2 and web3 gaming worlds, but also providing a platform for smaller, innovative games to shine. This, in turn, will provide developers and creators with endless opportunities to bring their games into reality. With the growing interest in web3 gaming, the industry is primed for a diverse array of experiences that cater to gamers from various gaming genres. Exciting times ahead!

The Rising Stars: Small Games, Big Impact

While Illuvium may be grabbing headlines with its overall grandeur, it's the smaller, more accessible games like NotCoin that are often defining the landscape of innovation. NotCoin's meteoric rise, amassing over 4 million users in a mere week - with numbers still going up, underscores the appetite for casual and hyper-casual blockchain gaming experiences. In 2024, these games are not just a sideshow; they're front and center, captivating a broad audience and proving that blockchain gaming can be as easy and fun to play with as games we know from the mobile gaming space.

Demystifying Blockchain: User Education is Key

The challenge of dispelling myths surrounding blockchain still remains, but 2024 is the year to tackle it head-on. Education is key, and gaming companies are gearing up to demystify blockchain for players by starting with implementing blockchain as the backbone infrastructure, and not shiny additions that often seem to work in the opposite way than initially intended. Also the narrative is shifting from complex crypto-blockchain jargon to a more user-friendly approach, emphasizing the unique and exciting aspects that blockchain brings to the gaming table in simple terms. As awareness grows, so does the potential for blockchain to redefine how we play and interact in virtual worlds, and the awareness is poised to explode in 2024.

Gamifying the Mainstream: A Friendly Interface for All

In a bid to attract traditional gamers, the focus in 2024 is on creating a user interface that feels like home. Gamified mechanics and interfaces reminiscent of web2 gaming platforms are becoming the norm. The goal is to make the transition to blockchain gaming seamless, ensuring that users don't feel like they're navigating uncharted territory, but they’re just switching from one platform to the other without even knowing the differences in the underlying technology. This user-centric approach marks a departure from the sometimes intimidating complexity of blockchain interfaces, embracing a more inclusive gaming experience.

Venturing into the Unknown: New Frontiers of Innovation

Beyond the familiar environment, blockchain gaming in 2024 is venturing into uncharted territories of innovation. The advent of new technologies and approaches within the blockchain realm, coupled with an ever-expanding community of developers, gamers, and mainstream players, sets the stage for groundbreaking discoveries. The fusion of blockchain with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is just one of the areas that will be extensively explored, promising multiple discoveries along the way.

Community-Centric Development: The Heart of Blockchain Gaming

One of the hallmarks of blockchain gaming in 2024 is its community-centric development. Unlike traditional gaming models where decisions often come from the top down, blockchain gaming embraces a more decentralized approach. Communities have a say in the development process, influencing everything from in-game mechanics to governance structures. This collaborative model not only fosters a sense of belonging but also ensures that the games resonate with the desires and expectations of the players themselves. Even more, it introduces way shorter feedback loops that help iterate the product to suit the needs of even the most demanding users.

Global Collaboration: Bridging Cultures through Gaming

Blockchain gaming in 2024 is breaking down geographical barriers, fostering global collaboration. Gaming has always been a universal language, and blockchain technology is enabling developers and players from diverse backgrounds to come together. This interconnectedness not only enriches the gaming experience with varied perspectives but also contributes to the evolution of a global gaming culture. In other words, blockchain gaming, with its often decentralized nature, can offer a very smooth game-creation process akin to the best practices from the traditional gaming space.

The Future is Now: A Final Word on 2024

As we embark on the journey through 2024, the stage is set for blockchain gaming to redefine the way we play, interact, and connect with each other in a digital world. It's not just about pixels and code; it's about forging new paths, embracing innovation, and inviting players into a realm where possibilities are limitless. The legacy of 2024 will be written in lines of code, in the stories created by gamers, and in the uncharted territories explored by both developers and players who are willing to take one step further. The future is now, and blockchain gaming is ready to claim its spot in the annals of gaming history.

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