Competitive Web3 Gaming Protocol

Bringing social gaming with token competitions to existing blockchain ecosystems



Play exciting games and earn token rewards by showcasing your skills and competitiveness within fair and transparent, zero-sum web3 game economies.

PvP Competitions




in Existing Ecosystems

Empowering Blockchains

Seamlessly extending all known blockchains with Compete2Earn capabilities, introducing
a game changing experience and enabling the development of thousands of new games


Token Competitions Player Experience

Onboarding to competitive games with token rewards has never been easier - set your trustworthiness once and enjoy frictionless Compete2Earn gameplays forever.

Introducting Elympics Trust

Elympics Trust is security mechanism granting player instant access to infinite number of challanges and tournaments with token rewards. Thanks to Trust, Elympics is able to introduce truly seamless gaming experience without any delays related to transaction propagation

Bringing TVL to Web3 Gaming

TVL (Trust Value Locked) indicates the total level of trust between protocol and players. It's the ultimate metric of protocol competitive matches capacity across all games and player profiles.

Wallet-to-Wallet Settlement

Zero pre-paids per every match, no escrows. Direct settlement of rewards between players.

Fair Environment for Everyone

Trust protects you from malicious players acting as additional anti-fraud prevention layer.

Instant & Gasless Competitions

Onboard once and enjoy smooth gameplays forever.


Decentralized Player Profile

One unified profile across all ecosystem games to easily compete for rewards and build player's reputation within the protocol.

Wallet-Only Login

Enter the competitive web3 gaming world just by connecting your wallet to Elympics - enjoy smooth token competitions across all games.

On-chain Reputation

Player profile acts as a reputation system scoring your performance and building your credibility, what improves competition experience for everyone.

Seamless Onboarding

Elympics player profile is a shared identity that verifies you in every competition and all social gaming experiences on the protocol.

Trust Management

Easily adjust the global level of maximum stakes you want to enter. Explore instant and gasless competitions with peer-to-peer rewards settlement.


Web3 Gaming for Everyone


Play competitive games with token stakes and enjoy the challenges in a fair and transparent environment. Master your skills and outperform other players. Enter Compete2Earn experience with Elympics.

Game developers

Build  games earn commissions from every player's competition. With no prior web3 experience required, you can get seamlessly onboarded to crypto space in the lucrative ecosystem filled with players looking for new experiences.

KOL’s Evengelists

Engage your community and benefit from protocol’s growth, by spreading positive news on social media. Proactively can build your reputation within the protocol, invite followers, and earn a lifetime benefits.

Node operators

Share computing power and bandwidth to secure gameplays and get rewarded with tokens. Actively participate in a decentralized game hosting network that will become a backbone for sustainable web3 gaming economy.

Token holders

Capitalize on the ongoing gaming revolution by owning Elympics token and actively participate in the protocol governance. Elympics DAO is responsible for making crucial decisions on curating games, assigning grants, and growing the ecosystem.

Community members

Get incentives for active participation and contribution to protocol’s life. Become a pioneer in the unique Proof of Work (PoW) gaming network that represent the future of web3 gaming.


Rewarding All Contributors

Capturing and rewarding all types of protocol contributions shaping the future of web3 gaming together.

Rewarding Experience for Players

Elympics rewards players that keep playing, exploring ecosystem games and inviting others.

Explore Games

Building Games that Pays Off

Developers get extra incentives - the more competitions in developed games, more incentives granted. All on top of regular settlement fees.

Start Building

Shared Benefits for Engagement

KOL’s & Ambassadors earn lifetime incentives for every player directed to the ecosystem.

Commissions on Every Gameplay

Node operators get rewarded with Elympics tokens for hosting gameplays and serving as In-Game Oracle.

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On-chain Security Layer

Security like never before. Unseen transparency and a new level of fairness to token competitions with the use of blockchain technology.

Gaming Rollups

Security driven by Proof of Game - an on-chain cryptographic proof of game results.

In-Game Oracles

The ultimate source of truth ensuring fairness and transparency in competitive gameplays.

AI Security Engine

AI-driven fair matchmaking combined with a behavioral anti-cheat system.

Verifiable Replays

Gameplay replays accessible to everyone.

Peer-to-Peer Settlements

No more middlemen. Competition rewards are distributed directly between players.

Blockchain Transparency

Truly fair competitions with full data transparency and on-chain footprint.


Developer Friendly

Empowering developers to focus solely on engaging gameplay by handling complexity of native web3 features, competitiveness, and security.

Rapid Game Development

Build social gaming experiences at unprecedented speed with Elympics multiplayer technology, rewards settlement layer and ready-to-use UX components.

No Web3 Experience Needed

Elympics resolves all web3 complexity by delivering plug-and-play components connecting your skill game with blockchain-enabled competition framework.

Hosting Included

Focus entirely on the engaging gameplay. Your game will be automagically deployed to a worldwide environment providing players with smooth experiences.

Shared Security

Comprehensive security-as-a-service - from anti-cheat and fraud detection systems, fair AI-based matchmaking to on-chain verifiable game results delivery.


Open-Data Protocol

Enabling new wave of dApps and Value-Added Services leveraging insights and raw data from gameplays and players performance.

Real-time Gameplay Data

Players Performance

Verifiable Matches Results & Replays

Protocol Trust Value Locked

Game Analytics

Leaderboards Scores