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Who we are?

We are Elympics.

At heart, we are game developers. We firmly believe that the world of game development should offer equal opportunities to all creators. Until now, esports were reserved for larger game studios with substantial budgets and programming competencies far beyond game programming itself.

That's why, since late 2018, we've been driven by the vision of creating infrastructure that allows every game development studio - even the smallest ones - to create a competitive multiplayer games, also known as esports. In early 2023, we published the fruit of our hard work over the past five years- technology that can impact the world of game development.

We have confidence that our solution is a significant stepping-stone contributing to the wave of changes that will transform the face of game development and unlock the creativity dormant in hundreds of thousands of game developers worldwide. Thanks to Elympics, even a single developer, a beginner, can fulfill their dream of creating a competitive title, ensuring world-class security within it.

Fusion of web3 and gaming

In 2022, observing the intersection of the gaming industry with the web3 world, we disagreed with the theses presented by the market. We were opponents, we did not let ourselves be carried away by a wave of enthusiasm. However, the truth is that in this intersection of worlds, we saw a missing piece in our puzzle - the element of decentralized security in games.

We believe that at the heart of game competitiveness lies their security. Without security, competition in games completely loses its meaning. In an ideal world, we should not trust our opponent, we should not trust the game developer, we should not even trust the server provider. In this way, we arrived at the vision of a decentralized authority, personified by In-Game Oracles and Proof-of-Game, the key elements of the Elympics system ensuring the security of games built on our infrastructure.


Our mission is to spread knowledge about entirely new possibilities in game creation thanks to Elympics technology. Our mission is to work daily on our product to make it even more efficient, readable, and effective in the hands of developers. Our mission is to push a new force into the world of gaming and restore a state where fun and competition between players were in the first place.

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