29 July-8 September 2024

Arena 2024


About GameCamp 2024

On our mission for the mass adoption of web3, Elympics together with TON Foundation launch GameCamp Arena 2024. 6 weeks. 60 teams. Up to 40 new Web3 games on Telegram using Elympics protocol tools.

Join the official GameCamp Arena-focused Telegram group to stay tuned!


Build your own competitive single-player game integrated with Telegram using Elympics protocol solutions.


Explore the world of games on Telegram through engaging workshops and enhance your skills in creating competitive games.


Enter our Game Jam for a chance to win from a prize pool of $15,000 and additional rewards!


Timeline of GameCamp Arena 2024

GameCamp Arena 2024, hosted by Elympics with the support of TON Foundation, connects budding Web3 game developers to a potential audience of 900m+ monthly active users on Telegram.

Get your hands on the Elympics protocol and let’s take the Web3 world by storm on TON blockchain!

28 July 2024


Fill in the form and join solo or with your team (every participant has to register individually)

29 July-8 September 2024

GameCamp Duration

6 weeks of unity-based gamedev with mentorship from the devs working with the use of Elympics protocol on a daily basis

9-13 September 2024

GameCamp Evaluation Dates

The GameCamp Arena Jury will take 5 days to carefully assess your projects and identify the true gems that deserve the top rewards 

16 September 2024

Winners Announcement

The pool is already bursting with prizes & monetization opportunities for the winning teams and projects


Game Specification

The game you'll build must be:

• Developed in Unity

• Built for WebGL

• A singleplayer server authoritative game made with Elympics SDK

• Integrated with Telegram via Elympics SDK (the package will automatically integrate your game with Telegram & TON)

• Prepared for asynchronous multiplayer - players’ scores will be compared in various competitions

• Be a game of skill (not a game of luck)

• Support the touch input


While submitting your project, make sure to include a brief description of your game and a list of team members


Prize pool

The total prize pool of $15 000 committed by Elympics and TON Foundation. Details to come soon!


Who can join GameCamp 2024?

Up for the challenge?

Developers familiar with Unity

You need to have Unity development experience to easily create your game with the use of Elympics protocol.

Game Designers

Design specialized in gaming is the foundation to deliver an engaging experience for players.

Graphic Artists

A creative heaven where you, as an artist, can unleash your gaming craftmanship to tap into gamers' hearts.


Frequently Asked Questions

All answers to your questions about GameCamp Arena 2024, in one place!

What are the evaluation criteria?

The GameCamp Jury will evaluate the submitted projects in terms of technical and artistic quality. The projects with a large number of errors, unplayable, clearly unfinished (e.g., levels with clearly unfinished asset implementation, non-functional features, lack of sound, etc.), and poorly implemented networking (errors in player connections, stuttering, lag, etc.) will not be accepted.

It’s you team responsibility to test and make sure the game meets the evaluation criteria. In exceptional situations, we may extend the submission deadline if a minor error occurs at the finish line and it can be quickly fixed.

How to submit our project?

You need to fill in the submission form and prepare the built based on the criteria regarding compression form. While submitting your project, make sure to include a brief description and a team member list.

Will we have technical support during the game jam?

Yes, technical support from Elympics developers will be available during the jam. You’ll be invited to GameCamp telegram groups where you’ll communicate as a team and will be able to reach out to Elympics Devs for help.

Will my team keep the game copyright?

Yes, however, Elympics reserves the right to keep the game on the platform even if the game development team stops developing it.

What happens to our game after the GameCamp?

Elympics reserves the right to offer paid cooperation with selected teams over further game development.

Can I join without a team?

Yes, however, you have to have a complete skill set aboard to deliver an amazing game. But we got you covered here - you’ll have the opportunity to team up with other solo participants via communication channels hosted by Elympics.

How to integrate our game with Telegram?

We got you covered here! When you install the SDK package according to the instructions provided by us, your game will be automatically integrated with Telegram. No extra configuration is needed on your end.